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Fallout Equestria: Wings 39



No drawing today, Citquine was... distracted.
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 29.
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Day 33

Things are finally looking up ! Celly came back and brought Boris with her, I got a good lead on how to get home, and found a way to help Celly.

Originally I planned on leaving here when Celly came back, but we wound up staying all day since information gathering took longer than I expected. To get the info I wanted I had to relay it through Life Bloom and he would then ask his "superiors" (the Twilight Society, considering how he spluttered out his tea when I mentioned that name) what info they could disclose. Also, the free room that Life set us up with is much better than spending the night at the Rip-off Inn back at New Appleoosa. Celly though keeps teasing that I was delaying just to spend more time with Life. I think I preferred it when she was pretending to be all sweet and innocent...

From the information Life got, it looks like the NCR has never had much of a presence in the wasteland. Not too surprising since it's a microcosm of everything wrong in Equestria. It also has no resources that would be worth the trouble of establishing a route through the Appleation mountains. So the info consisted of some vague estimate of where the NCR is located and reports of a lone NCR ranger that travels the wasteland helping ponies. The upside is that I was told about an old Ministry of Arcane Sciences facility built within the Appleations that had tunnels going from one end to the other. I just have to track down 200 year old access codes to get in...

Turns out that the big secret that Celly got so upset over was that she's some unique indestructible ghoul that's been alive long enough to make some mistakes. Well, that's my theory at least, she doesn't really know one way or another what she is, but she has at least agreed to let me help her.

In contrast to the meager info on the NCR that I received, the info for Celly on Twilight's friends was too large to print out. Life had to have somepony come in and install a terminal in our room so Celly could search through a copy the Ministry of Image databanks. It has detailed reports on everypony that Twilight had ever been friends with or even talked to.

So far Celly hasn't found any mention of herself in the records, but she cryptically said that it wasn't surprising. She's still searching though, and will probably search all night. Even if this leads to a dead end there's still one more option that will kill two birds with one stone.

The top Ministry of Image records, Twilight's personal Ministry of Arcane Sciences files, and the Applelation codes are all conveniently located in the same place. It also happens to be the second most deadly place in the wasteland and the bane of the NCR...

Dead Canterlot.
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You really have a problem with double consonants don't you? "planned" missing an N, this time =P