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Only after sending the letter did he realize he could have saved paper by writing on both sides...
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 29.
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*image* Two pages being held up by a magic glow
I think I got your name right the first time, you really are Silly. If you just told me all that in the first place we could be half way to figuring out your mysteries by now.

In the NCR the princesses, and by extensions alicorns, are seen in a very different light than here in the wasteland (due to a lot of propaganda). They're not seen as goddesses or something to be looked up to, they're just ponies like everypony else and they made mistakes (like starting wars). So you being an alicorn means that you're also just another pony who makes mistakes, not a demon or a goddess, just a pony.

Furthermore, I know that you are a good pony. Being an alicorn means that you are at least a third earth pony, and earth ponies are by their nature good. It takes something as horrible as this wasteland to turn an earth pony bad, but that hasn't happened to you. The proof that you are still good is when you called in that favor to help save all those ponies in Stable 92. I
don't know the details of what happened, but I could tell it wasn't an easy thing for you to do, but you did it anyways for ponies you didn't even know, and that makes you good.

I think the real reason you left those other ponies that you would adventure with is because you were afraid of making new friends or seeing them die. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to lose a whole town of friends, but I understand why you would not want to hurt like that again.

Too bad for you though that you wound up with a friend any ways, and I wouldn't be a good friend (or a good earth pony for that matter) if I didn't do what I could to help you. So give me till noon tomorrow to find out what information I can here, then you can blink in and pick me up. I'd meet you where you are, but there seems to be a large army camped outside this building and I don't think they will let me leave...

As for that other stuff about not aging or not needing to eat or sleep, the same holds true to ghouls. So you might just be a different kind of ghoul that doesn’t fall apart due to being invulnerable for some reason. You better not get offended at being called a ghoul, I know several good ponies back in the NCR that are ghouls and the best pony I have met in the wasteland (despite being a pegasus) is also a ghoul.

On that note, I think you really should try talking with Ditzy (well you talk, she writes), I'm sure that she would like you once shes knows the real you. She's been in the wasteland even longer than you and if any pony can relate to what you've been through it would be her.

I hope this thing reaches you, or else I just had Oro burn up two notebook page for no reason...
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I'm quite impressed by Citriquine's speech skill. I guess filling NCR paperwork did improve his writing skills.
I rather like it that he thinks of PPs as evil, EPs as good an UPs as neutral. There is nothing quite like an ordered view of the universe falling to pieces. Some of those raiders must have been EPs by the way.