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Fallout Equestria: Wings 37



Curse this cursive writing, thank goodness for the print below!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 29.
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*image* two sheets of paper
Hello Citquine, it's Celly.

Most likely you are finding it very weird that Oro just coughed up a scroll, don't worry, it's just one of the uses of balefire. Boris is with me, I found him snacking on of 2 charred bloodwings, and I had him send this message. I figure that I owe you an explanation as to why I left you back there, or at least I owe it to all the ponies I have left for dead in the past.

The reason I went back was not to save you, I'm not that good, it was to get back that glass ball you found. It's a memory orb, when touched by magic it projects the memories it holds, and that orb was impossibly about me. I won't tell you what was in the orb, but I will tellyou who I really am as a warning, once you know you'll stay away and live longer.

My earliest memory is from about 150 years ago, before that everything is fuzzy and disjointed. At the time I was only aware of 2 things, my name was Celly and I was friends with Twilight Sparkle, and with just those clues I spent almost 25 years trying to figure out who I was. In that time I learned that I appear to be an alicorn like the old princesses, and given how few solid facts about Alicorns I could find, it may be normal that I don't age, I don't need to eat or sleep, and I'm indestructible (but I still feel pain). What I could not find out was why I thought I was friends with Twilight Sparkle, not one of the hundreds of memory orbs and logs that I have searched through the wasteland had any reference to me. There was only ever any reference to 2 alicorns, both of them were friends with Twiligt but neither of them were me. All evidence also shows that Twilight died when the mega-spells fell, 50 years before my first memory.

I didn't spend all those years searching alone though, over time I gained many close friends, and when I gave up my search we all settled down in a remote part of the wasteland. It took years, and cost some lives, but with my powers and the hard work of my friends we managed to scrape out a little town. Then as word spread more ponies came to our town, some wanting a new start, others looking for safety, some even came because they thought I was Princess Celestia reborn or even a goddess. The town grew and prospered, but with prosperity comes predators, and we were always under threat of bands on raiders or slavers.

Then one day we got word of an attack on a remote farmsteads, so the towns best fighters and I went out to confront a seemingly endless wave of raiders attacking the tiny farm. The battle took days, and I lost more old friends before the raiders retreated, but when we returned to town we found that not a single pony was left alive, it was all just a diversion. The raiders and slavers had joined under one banner, the BloodHooves, and stormed the town, savagely killing everypony.

After seeing the horrors they left, I lost all faith in the goodness of ponies.

I found the settlement that most of the BloodHooves were staying in and grabbed the whole thing in my telekinesis, ground and all, then lifted it up with me as I flew as high as I could. I watched as everypony slowly suffocated and froze to death, then I juts let it all fall back down.

After I destroyed every remaining pony ever associated with the BloodHooves, I started to wander the wasteland aimlessly. Sometimes ponies would find me, but I saw them only as playthings. I would pose as the mysterious lost Alicorn filly looking for her parents, and lead them on adventures. When I got tired of my little ponies, or they were near death, I would just leave them just like I left you. Over time I've crossed paths with the longer lived wasteland residents. Some, like the Twilight Society, see me as just another wasteland oddity to be kept at a distance, while others like Spike see me as a monster that should die. I'm not sure how Ditzy Doo sees me with those eyes...

Then about 10 years ago other alicorns started showing up. Once word got out that these alicorns were giant demonic creatures who would kill you in seconds, nopony in the wasteland would take a chance being near even a filly one and my fun was over. So I went where no pony would find me, right under the nose of the second biggest dragon in the wasteland, and just waited.

But then you showed up, and you weren't afraid at all, in fact you were more concerned about me than yourself. Since I had to leave after your Spritebot exposed my location to Spike (which is why he had it shoot at me ), I decided to pull the old Lost Alicorn routine one more time with you. But then you found that impossible orb, and I'm right back where I started, alone and trying to figure out what I am and how was I Twilight Sparkle's friend...
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Not much to remark on the spelling here, seems all fine, except that "Sometimes" is a single word ;)