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Fallout Equestria: Wings 36



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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 29.
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Day 32

Well I'm not dead, not yet at least, but the likelihood of meeting a grizzly end is still high considering that I am now stranded in the Wasteland.

The proximity warning turned out to be for 3 manticores that had found where I set up camp. I was able to take one out with my remaining plasma shots, but commotion attracted a couple bloodwings. Boris and Oro tried to fight them off but Oro got scratched up petty bad across his wing, Boris went berserk at this and chased them off. One of the manticores tore right through my saddle bag and right into my side. It hurt more than then I lost my leg, but fortunately the pain didn't last long since the other manticore then stung and paralyzed me. I must have passed out from blood loss at that point because the next thing I remember is waking up to Life Bloom leaning over me (not a bad way to wake up in my opinion).

Apparently Celly had come back and found me just before I became dinner for two and teleported me to Life Bloom for emergency treatment, then she left just as quickly. Oro is recovering in a bucket of radioactive goop on the far side of the room, but I haven't seen Boris since he went chasing after the blood wings. Also, the auto-map was destroyed along with my saddlebags so Firefly has wandered off without a signal to track.

The main setback off all of this is that the auto-map had the route back to the NCR through the Appleations on it. Without that route I could hike for months around those mountains and never find my way back. So until I can find another route this journal is still not getting to the NCR, but I had promised Ditzy to keep writing in it, so I will as long as I can.

Thanks to Life Bloom, my side is all patched up and with a bit more rest I should be fit to travel by tomorrow. He also closely inspected the stump and flank of my missing leg to make sure it healed right. That got a little awkward and I had to keep thinking about rock farming in ord

Oh that was just weird! Oro just flew over and coughed up a roll of paper.
*Image* bound rolls of paper.
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More spell checking! I'm running out of friendly things to write before these :)
"dinner for two" - forgot an 'n' there
"The main setback off all of this" - is one word
And in the transcript:
"bound rolls of paper." - forgot a "p"