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Fallout Equestria: Wings 35



Where there's a will, there's a beneficiary!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 29.
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Day 31

Things are going down hill faster than dragon dung in summer ! Sorry about the inappropriate language, but I doubt this will ever reach the NCR anyway...

This morning I got a chance to field test the BuckShot. Another manticore tried to sneak up on me, but Firefly gave me enough warning to Buckshot it in the face. It did the trick, but just barely. The main draw backs seem to be the time between shots (I have to stomp the hoof down), and having the target close neough to buck without it killing you (so no Hell-hounds).

Spent the afternoon trying to get around this maze of destroyed buildings. Even with the auto-map it's confusing since many roads are gone.

Things started to get more normal in the evening with a bunch of raiders jumping me. Nothing that me and Firefly couldn't handle, but then some bloodwings came to "help". After seeing what one of those things did to a raider, I don't think I'll be sleeping any time soon! Then more bloodwings! I used up almost every shot I had of the plasma pistol to take them out, the raiders had sticks with nails in them and were husks in seconds...

*image* a bloodwing
I thankfully didn't get a good look at them.

Now I am pretty much lost, have almost no ammo, and nearly everything living in this city wants me dead (except for Boris and Oro of course). So this "field journal" is becoming a makeshift will for whoever finds my body.

-To my mother. I leave all my savings back home, only on the grounds that she is constantly reminded that metal comes from the rocks she so hates.
-To my father, wherever that deadbeat ran off to. I leave my Buckshot, so he can go buck himself!
-To grandma. I leave all my possessions back home, she'll know what would be best to do with them.
-To Moth, if he breaks cloud again. I leave my auto-map and Firefly, the location of Hollow King is already marked, I figure he would want to visit.
-To Celly, if anypony can find her. I leave Boris, Oro, and the glass ball. I am sorry for yelling at you.
-To Red-Maize. I leave my apologies, I shouldn't have used you like that, you're a great guy and deserved a lot better that me.
-To whomever finds this. I leave all the caps have have on me and the plasma pistol, I hope it keeps you alive longer than it did me...
-To Ditzy Doo and Silver Bell. I leave all the remaining items I have on me, including the doll for Silver.

Done just in time, Fiefly's proximity warning just went off...
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I find it surprising that Balefire Phoenixes didn't join the fight. I thought they hate bloodwings.

Those raiders are pretty pathetic if any half-competent wasteland pony can take a few of them on. In reality guerilla gangs like that can massacre whole settlements without much losses and an average person stands no chance against them. BTW, in Fallout facing the Khans near the beginning of the game was a pretty scary experience, even with Ian to help. I think I just killed one or two, looted them and run away, to return later after visiting Junktown.

Lol at the makeshift last will, especially the father part.