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Fallout Equestria: Wings 34



Get your lanterns, because it's starting to get dark...
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 29.
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Day 30

I spent most of today trying to locate items of value to trade for caps once we get back to New Appleoosa. I figure that we need enough for 1 more night at the Rip-off Inn, 2 week of supplies to get back to NCR territory, and enough left over to buy back Moth's battle saddle. I also tried to find something unique to bring back for Ditzy to thank her for all the help she's given, but I couldn't find anything appropriate. What do you get a ghoul who literally has Absolutely Everything? Well, since Celly doesn't want the doll I found, maybe Silver Bell will like it.

It's a good thing that I decided not to go to the Everfree forest, for the past few days DJ Pon-Three has been reporting nasty forest fires in that area. Apparently that cult nutter "Red Aye" who runs the other radio station is responsible for the conflagration. I think the advice that convinced me to skip Everfree was when one pony told me that instead of a bodyguard I should look for an almond farmer, since "only a pony who's already bucking nuts would go into that place!".

Any place that inspires word play like that is one to be reckoned with. Also I figure that if I di

Celly is gone...

She came up to me and said that she didn't want to head back yet, and instead wanted us to look for information on Twilight Sparkle. She wouldn't even say what about Sparkle she wanted to investigate or why, and soon we started arguing about it. All in all, it came across as just a foal's temper tantrum, so exasperated I told her to "grow up".

That was the wrong thing to say apparently.

She exploded in frustration at me, even flying up to yell at me at eye level (first time I've seen her use her wings), and started an almost incoherent tirade. From the parts I could gather, she is actually over 150 years old, and can't age. She then shouted about the consequences of looking like her in the wasteland, and I can only hope that some were hyperbole (can ponies really be that evil?).

Then just as I though she was calming down she exploded again, yelling on the verge of tears about how she doesn't even know what she is any more. I went to put a hoof on her to comfort her, but she knocked me across the street and through one of the few remaining windows, and not with her telekinesis, she hit me with her little hoof! She then let out a scream of frustration and disappeared. It's been a couple hours since then and if she's not back by morning I'm going have to leave without her...
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"Cult nutter"? Sigh. It seems that almost everyone is misunderstanding Red Eye. He was the best chance to end the wasteland. He was building schools, factories and a nation. His agents were cleaning up a lot of the mess left by the war. The slave thing was only temporary and necessary to jump start everything quickly. Much more efficient than this whole NCR too.

The more I think about it, the more I admire Red Eye and despise holier than thou "heroes" who just bring about more destruction. Homage being an element of Honesty was a bad joke after all the lies she said about the best pony of her time. Seriously, with all the good he has done, all that ponies ever seem to associate with him is slavery. Ungrateful bastards. Even KKat's NCR was built on the foundations that were laid by Red Eye, but I'm sure they omit that "inconvenient detail" in their history books.

I yearn for a fanfic that deconstructs Kkat's work by having as a protagonist a Red Eye agent working for the greater good of ponykind.