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Fallout Equestria: Wings 33



Now just a quick teleport back to New Appleoosa and a hike to NCR territory and Citquine will be home. What's the worst that could happen? :D
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 28.
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Day 29


I didn't find any geese or snipes, but I found something bigger and cooler (well, hotter really), TWO twin balefire phoenixes! Not only are they excellent fliers, but their regenerative properties and magical abilities should keep every branch of O.W.L. busy studying them for ages (and with their life spans, they'll outlast all of us)! The mechanical owls would have been great (perfect O.W.L. mascot), but this is beyond my expectations.

We were exploring the part of the city that passed the river (well I was, Celly was tagging along lost in thought), when I spotted two faint greenish lights in the water, like a pair of eyes. Normally I would assume they actually were eyes and stayed clear (and be right in most cases), but I had this odd feeling that I should investigate them closer.

After thinking for a while on how to get to them, I drew Celly out of her ruminating long enough for her to grab a large bubble of air around us with her telekinesis. Incredibly my plan actually worked, and we were able to walk along the bottom of the river while Celly kept our bubble from floating to the surface. I later calculated the forces that must have been on that bubble, and lets just say I could have just asked her to hold back part of the river, and she could have done it just as easily !
*image* Boris (showing off)

*image* Oro
The glowing objects turned out to be two balefire eggs, very powerful and valuable explosive ordnances, so I though my caps problems were at least solved. Yet when they dried out, they hatched and out popped two half size baelfire phoenixes! All I know about phoenixes comes from Ditzy's book, but my theory is that a phoenix reached the end of it's life cycle while it was over the river (bad timing) and when the ashes fell into the water they congealed into two eggs.

I also don't know how to tell the gender of a balefire phoenix, but the two of them certainly act like brothers. I'm calling the one that has the green on yellow coloring Boris, and the one with yellow on green coloring Oro. Either they imprinted me as their parent, grateful for being saved from the river, or just like my company, but they keep close and always come back to me when they fly off some where.

On a random note, Cell finally broke her silence and asked what I knew about Twilight Sparkle. Considering most of what I know of any of the old ministry heads comes from episodes of "Mare or May Not" ( I doubt the historical accuracy of a satirical radio comedy), I didn't have much to tell her. Though I did tell her that Sparkle's work in magical technology is still grudgingly respected by the NCR (though not publicly), she did more in 10 years than they have in almost 100.
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Balefire eggs were made from corrupted Dragon Eggs, not Phoenix Eggs, but that's unfixable now.