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Fallout Equestria: Wings 32



Citquine really likes her mane!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 28.
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Day 28

Well the robotic owl search was a bust. Celly got a doll and a big marble and all I got was confused.

Hoofbeats was a morbid one stop shop for broken remains. Floors one and two were filled with chard skeletons of ponies, from when the mega spells hit I assume. Now I have not seen combat in the NCR (not my department),yet I like to think of myself as being not easily shaken, but seeing that much death in once place would even make a NCR Ranger uneasy.

Celly didn't even bat an eye.

I would like to think that she is so young and innocent that she couldn't even comprehend the masses of bodies, but after the past couple days I have a feeling that's not the case. For all I know alicorns age like dragons, at 15 years old they are considered a baby, Celly could be older than me.

On the next few floors we found the robot owls, or what was left of them. Looks like a bunch of raiders got bored and took up bird hunting for sport,one owl even appeared to have been run through with a unicorn horn (judging form the conical hole). Such a mindless waste. I scavenged a few of the more intact remains, but without working spell matrix they are not much more than expertly crafted broken clocks.

Several of Firefly's fellow flying robots were on patrol for trespassers the next floors up, which we were, so I don't begrudge them for shooting at us. Judging from the debris, it looked like they also had a run in with those raiders, and the robots remained to tell the tale. Good for them !

When Firefly's kin started outnumbering us, Celly had the clever idea of teleporting us down a couple floors out of their territory. We wound up in an area that was sealed off from the rest of the building by debris. Unfortunately, aside for old statistical data on ponies, the only thing of note I found was a box containing an old doll and an apple size glass marble labeled "Test #4: Failure" (must have been misfiled there).

Celly said that she neither needed nor wanted the doll, but I gave her it any ways. Then when I tossed the big marble to her she caught it with her magic and froze, staring out into space. She stayed like that for about 10 minutes, and just as I was starting to get really worried she snapped out of it. She was really quiet and distracted for the rest of the day though.

Just like when I asked her about anything weird she does, she refused to give any answers, but now her cutesy lisp is gone...

*image* Doll and ball
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Good gods, that is the most durable doll in all creation. Not only does it survive Twilight Sparkle ("Let's play with the garbage disposal, Smarty Pants!") and an angry, obsessed mob, it also survives years of Big Mac, Equestrian War III, several nukes, two centuries in a dank basement and now chibi-Celestia!

Oh Crom, it's a Bobblehead, isn't it? Or an easter egg that unlocks the developer's room.