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Fallout Equestria: Wings 31



Always be careful when blowing up a parking lot full of cars...

This part takes place during FoE Chapter 27.
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Well today was filled with unexpected surprises.

First surprise was that our destination was not just on the way to HoofBeats, but literally right under the building across the street from it. Should make searching for mechanical owls tomorrow easier.

Second surprise was that the "electric dam" was not a hyro power station like I though, but the brain of a pony named Noi controlling a Stable and acting as mother to the mute digital psychics within it. a surface explosioncaused a crack in her brain tube thing and was dying. This is why I never got into wet-works, if you think energy weapons are temperamental, just try to jury-rig an internal organ to a digital processor. Also, and I have no proof of this, I have a feeling that a certain Dashite was also responsible for this calamity...

The third, and biggest, surprise was when Celly suddenly telepporteded to call in "an old favor". After a long hour later she reappeared with a white unicorn stallion with a two tone red mane. He said his name was Life Bloom and that he was a medical pony from an undisclosed location . Life explained that Celly had teleported amongst his superiors, greatly unnerved them, and made them to agree to lend his services for her cause. All three should be impossible according to him (and this was all before breakfast ).

*image* Life Bloom.
I was NOT paying attention to his flank, so I don’t know what his cutie mark is.

He said that he never met Celly before and didn't know what the “favor” she mentioned was, and unsurprisingly Celly just giggled and changed the topic when I asked her.

Life Bloom literally worked his magic on Noi, using a disinfectant spell on her tube and even managed to seal the crack. With the immediate problem solved I made myself useful coming up with solutions to the mute pony problem, so that one day they could leave the Stable if they wanted. I was able to cobble together a simple text to speech module for Noi's display panel so she can slowly teach the ponies to talk. It sounds robotic and not too accurate, but there's no way I was going to try and hook it right to the speech centers of her brain (again, wet works, ugh). I also showed all the ponies how to set their Pip-bucks to pick up radio signals. All they could receive down here was DJ Pon-Three and it's just gibberish to them, but over time they should start associating the sounds with the words they already know.

When I went to thank Celly for bringing Life Bloom and saving all the Stable ponies, she just gave me an odd look and said that she better not come to regret it.
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So, just to clarify, what was that earth-shattering kaboom that caused Noi to get a headache? There are so many of them in Fallout: Kkat Is Awesome that they kinda blend together.