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Fallout Equestria: Wings 30



Yes, this whole story arch was mostly a set up for a horse pun!

This part takes place during FoE Chapter 27.
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*image* A computer screen with text, a brain is suspended in a tube in the background
>Hello, I'll try to answer what questions I can.

>I am Noi, Overmare of Stable 92. This stable was constructed to house the foals who were orphaned during the war, and I was tasked to watch over and care for them. For 200 years I have been like a mother to every pony born here, over time becoming know as the “Electric Dam”, but I am now dying.

>Two weeks ago there was a massive explosion somewhere above us, the shock wave caused a hair line crack in my brain case. The cerebral fluid that keeps me alive was contaminated and there is no way for us to replace the fluid or even seal the crack.

>My concern though isn't for my own end, but rather for the ponies of this stable. I control all the life support functions, and if I die the inhabitants will have no choice but to go to the surface. As you know from meeting Fire Grass, these ponies are ill equipped for life outside.

>This stable was magically shielded, but a design flaw made it not sound proof, so when the mega-spells went off it deafened all the foals inside. To allow them to communicate I began fabricating neural transceiver bands for all the foals, these allowed them to use a sort of digital telepathy with each other and compatible electronics.

> By the second generation a problem arose, there was nopony around to teach the new foals how to speak. All the parents were deaf and I had no voice output, so the use of the bands was continued. Over time the ponies of this stable became so accustomed to the bands that it became their natural form of communication, but this has left them unable to speak with any one without a band.

>No, I'm sorry, there isn't much that you can do, unless you know of somepony with access to advance pre-war medical technologically.

>Fire Grass left stable to seek help despite being told not to due to the dangers.

>Currently I am doing what I can to prepare my ponies to cope with the world above, such as how to better use their Pip-Bucks and how to

>Did your filly just disappear? And what did she mean by “Calling in an old favor”?
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Hehe. Celly is a mysterious character; I wonder what that "Old favour" is, and why she has it xD