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Fallout Equestria: Wings 3



Many stories in the wasteland start with death and end with death, but some occasionally end with life...

(Yes, this was planed from the start, the whole "may give up in a couple pages" was to add weight to part 2's cliffhanger ^_^. The waste land has a lot more in store for Citquine )

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Day 2

Well this is just GREAT!

Yesterday raiders jumped us and the first thing “bodyguard” did was get his brains splattered all over my note book! Ruined half a dozen pages!
At least Beret was competent enough to kill them off while I took u a strategic position of safely behind a large boulder. He still wound u getting fatally wounded though. And can you belive that right before he died he refused to return the bits I paid then?

I gave them good NCR bits to guide and protect me, and they failed to do either, it was fully in my right to demand a refund. With shoddy business practices like that it's no wonder they didn't last long out here.

So to recoup my losses I held a impromptu estate auction for all their possessions (which my bits were not among). Since I was the only bidder I broke even and gave myself 50 bits for the whole lot. I even made a bidding card for myself out of one of the ruined journal pages, so NCR accounting can reimburse me the bits I aid when I get back.
Only things I didn't bid on was Grimm's hat (more of a headband now) and Beret's leather jacket, since even if it wasn't full of holes I just don't like leather (I was friends with a cow in high school, had a coule good heads on his shoulders).

I came across a couple odd things though in the auction.

First off was a large pile of bottle caps. I hadn't pictured either of these stallions as the type to partake in such a mundane hobby as collecting bottle caps. There are quite a number of them, so I may be able to resell them for a few bits.

Secondly was a large slab of salted meat. At first I though that this was for a pet dog or something, but then I found on Beret an invoice for delivering “fresh meat” (I would hardly call this fresh) to Appleoosa. I guess he was planning on dropping it off when when got there.

On the plus side, Grimm had a tin of “party time” (how festive) mints, so they should help get rid of the taste of these canned apples...
*image* Auction bidding card, Number 001. Items purchased: 1 big gun, 46 big pointy bullets, 1 small gun, 73 small rounded bullets, 1 auto map, 426 bottle caps, 6 cans of apples, 1 slab of “meat”, 1 tin of mints, 3 healing potions, 1 invoice for “meat”, 1 dark brown scarf.
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Haha, rereading this, I spot so much more things in it... "fresh meat for Appleoosa" indeed; they were planning to sell him to slavers xD

Aaaand then he takes a whole tin of mind-expanding drugs. Haha!