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Fallout Equestria: Wings 29



Gahh, my buffer was eaten by a dragon in Skyrim! I may go back and touch up the writing on this later...

This part takes place during FoE Chapter 27.
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Day 26

Thanks to Celly's assistance in gathering information yesterday, she used her cuteness with an almost frighting precession, I now have a solid lead on where to obtain a robotic owl. I figure that this technology would be more useful towards the advancement of mechanical flight than an actual bird would be and made it my top priority.

Our progression has been partially sidetracked though due to a rather unusual request from an equally unusual mare.

The mare who made the request is a sea-green earth pony with a orange mane and tail named Fire Grass. At least that is what I think is her name, communication has been difficult. She appears to be unable to speak or understand what we say, and can only communicate via her Stable Tech Pip-Buck. Near as I can tell, her thoughts are transited by the headband she wears directly to the Pip-Buck and is then displayed as text. Fortuetly she seems to be able to read, yet many of the answers she gave didn't make much sense (the tech may be unreliable).

*image* Fire Grass

Odd cutie mark

The request itself is to help in some way regarding a crack in a hydro dam. What makes this unusual, aside from the vagueness, is that according to the Auto Map there is no dam in the direction we are heading. Only dam on the map is a ruined one located near Ponyville, and the river that runs it is dry. We are heading in the same direction as HoofBeats though, so backtracking once we are done will not be much of a problem with Celly's teleortation. I don't know what help I can give for a failing dam though, maybe help with the evacuation, but it wouldn't be right to deny a fellow earth pony in need.

Looking back on the previous entry, it clear that Celly isn't going to be getting a transcribing cutie mark any time soon. As for her name, I had already apologized for that misunderstanding and there was no need for her to bite my ear that hard. Fist "Stormagedon" and now "Silly", I seem to be getting into the habit of not calling ponies by their real names, next thing I know I'll learn that "Ditzy Doo" isn't the ghoul pegasus' name either.

One thing that puzzles me is how Celly made that manticore "go away". I was face down on the ground at the time and when I asked her she just giggled and wouldn't elaborate. Did she teleport it some where ?
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Well, nothing too major here, but there are a few misspellings. "Fortuetly" should be "Fortunately", and you forgot a p in "teleortation". Oh, and "somewhere" is one word =p