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Fallout Equestria: Wings 27



Celly has better penmanship than I do...
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 26.
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Hi NCR ponys!

My name is Celly! NOT Silly!! Celly, like cellery! I thought that Quiny just had trouble saying thigns like me, but he was being a big meanie and calling me silly in this book all this time!

I'm not a silly pony, but Quiny is! He got taged by a mannacore tail and is now all num from the head down. I made the mannicore go away and now im riting in his book what he tells me to. First im going to bite his ear for calling me silly since he can still feel his ears.

He got mad at that and said just to rite, but he talks too fast so im just going to rite what happened my way!

*image* a robotic owl

Quiny drew this before.

Quiny was mad that I blinked him here last night, but I knew it was safe since the place was high in a building and had a nice bed for him!

Around lunch we found a nice pony out side of the city with a pretty metal owl! He first didnt want to tell Quiny where he got it frum, but I asked really nice and he said he fround it in a place called hoofbeets. He said that they are really dangerous and will shoot us, but Quiny wasn't afraid.

I asked quiny if we find an owl can we trade it for Firefly, but quinny said that he would keep both. I don't like Fire fly, he tried to shoot me, now thogh he can only folow and watch. I think some one needs to mind his own busness.

*Image* a simple drawing of Citquine and a manticore.

I drew Quiny and the manticore
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OK... I need to go take some insulin after this one.... The sugar high is too much.