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Fallout Equestria: Wings 26



At least you'll never hear "Ar we there yet?"
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 26.
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*image* the corners of the pages are singed.
Today I got down to business of tracking down any sightings of winged wild life among the New Appleoosa population. It may be a pointless task, but since that seems to be my special talent, I'm going to do my best. I may be useless, but I'm still an earth pony! Also it gave me a cover for asking about alicorns, to get possible leads on Silly's parents. The majority of the information I received points to one location, Manehatten.

Many of the ponies I asked said that the only birds that they knew of were balefire phoenix, and many reside in Manehatten. Other winged creatures local to that area are manticores and bloodwings, neither of which I am too keen on studying. One pony also heard of a trader on the outskirts of the city who had a pet owl. While most sightings of alicorns tended to be in the direction of some place called Maripony, there were some sightings of them in Manehatten too.

Going to Manehatten also gives me an opportunity to start my plan of supplementing my income with urban prospecting. Considering that I barely have 2 caps left to stack together, I figure that I could unearth some prewar items of value in my travels and bring them back to New Appleoosa in exchange for currency. Furthermore, since Silly has been to Manehatten previously (she wouldn't say when or why), we'll be able to "blink" back and forth instantly when we find something.

Weather it is the prospect of finding her parents, or just her irrational fear of ghouls, Silly is very eager to leave right away for Manehatten. I told her already though that it would be better to wait until morning to have a full day of light, yet she kee

She just teleported us there...

Now I know why unicorn children are not taught teleportation.

Also, rushed teleportation burns, or maybe it was the distance, either way, I think my BuckShot is on fire...
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Ooh, so many typos here... capital letter on "Information", "aliconrs", and in the transcript you forgot a space in "back to New Appleoosa_in exchange for currency"

Also, I really hate that misspelling of Manehattan with -en at the end you always use :P