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Fallout Equestria: Wings 25



While quantities last!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 26.
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Silly's teleportation yesterday wound up shaving half a day of travel time, so we managed to make it to New Appleoosa before dark today.

While walking, Silly filled me in a bit more on the situation with her parents. She said that she hasn't seen her parents in quite a while and doesn’t know where they went. She hopes while traveling with me she may find out something. I didn't mention it to her, but I don't have high expectations that they are still alive, given how harsh the wasteland is.

To make things more complicated, Silly say that most ponies don't like alicorns. She even has little saddle bags that hide her wings, so she appears to be just a unicorn. It's understandable given their reputation, but it will make asking around about her folks tricky.

When we got into town I found that Silly has something in common with Moth, she's also afraid of Ditzy. She caught one glimpse of the ghoul through the doors of Absolutely Everything and refused to go any closer. I tried to explain that despite her looks, Ditzy is a really nice pony, but Silly is just a little foal and reasoning didn't work with her. So I had to check into that overpriced inn again and leave her there before going back and trading with Ditzy.

I'm down to my last few caps after the cost of the inn and even had to trade Moth's battle saddle for supplies and parts. Ditzy promised though that she would keep it aside and I could buy it back when I had the caps. She must have caught a glimpse of Silly from the door earlier since she also told me to watch out for her. Never thought a pegasus would be telling an earth pony about looking out for others...

The parts I got were for modifications to my artificial leg. I replaced the springs on the fetlock with powerful pistons, and made the cannon more literal by integrating parts of a riot shotgun. So when I extend the leg backwards quickly the pistons will give greater force to the hoof and the gun will fire, giving me more bang for the buck.

*image* Weaponized artificial leg, The BuckShot™

Normally I would avoid ballistic solutions, but magical energy weapons are less durable and more volatile. So the thought of walking around all day on a potential mass energy bomb did not appeal to me.
I kept the receipt for the parts to be reimbursed later, but then threw it out when I remembered that's not really my talent...
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Ack... did the G&P Goddess really grab a unicorn filly and then alicorn her into unity?