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Fallout Equestria: Wings 24



Start of act 2!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 26.
(so, everyone figure out Part 4 already?)
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*image* A small Alicon filly

Well, she's not exactly what I imagined from Pon-Three's broadcasts. I was expecting something more grand, less... fuzzy. But then I guess alicorns start off like everypony else, they're not made in a factory.

Her name is “Silly”, and sorting that out took several minutes and it must have looked like a scene right out of "Mare Or May Not". She appears to be just like any other 5 or 6 year old filly, except for having both wings and a horn, and sleeping standing up in a cave until noon... Her coloration is the same as Silver Bell's (mane and coat colors are swapped) and her lisp brings her to near intolerable levels of "cuteness".

When she finally did wake up I asked where her parents were, and at first she said that they were just out and would be back soon. Since the idea of abandoning a small foal didn't sit well with me, I offered to babysit until her sire and dam returned. She then quickly told me that they were "big evil aliconrs" and would "gobble me up" if I was there when they returned. Suspecting that she was lying, I told her I wasn't worried and that Firefly was watching out for "big evil aliconrs".

That's when things got weird.

When I called Firefly back in from patrol, it stated shooting at Silly. I had to yell the shutdown command to get it to stop, fortunately the shots missed. Then, despite being just shot at, Silly suddenly changed her tune and insisted that she should travel with me to look for her parents. She then teleported us to the base of the mountain, an impressive spell for somepony her age, but then maybe it comes more easily for an alicorn. She would have brought us to New Appleoosa, but she said she could only "blink" to places she's been before.

When I rebooted Firefly it no longer targeted Silly. I think that it's "friend or foe" routine didn't know how to handle an alicorn, but now I get the odd feeling that it's following her more than the auto-map.
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"I was expecting something a more grand, less... fuzzy" - Looks like you either got an "a" too much, or forgot a word there. I assume this had to be "a bit more grand"?