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Fallout Equestria: Wings 23



End of act 1!
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Day 21

The sun is a lot brighter than I expected it to be, and I thought the sky would be more blue than cyan. Also, direct sunlight is not as warm as I figured it would be, but that may have been just the altitude.

Turns out that I was wrong about there being an Enclave base at the top of the mountain, it really was home to a dragon, but there were enclave soldiers there too.

*image* Spike and an Enclave solider.

The dragon, who looked to be a young adult (not nearly as large as old GrimDark of Hollow King), was being interrogated by half a dozen pegasus in weird bug like armor when we reached the cave entrance. We tried to stay out of sight but one of the pegasus must have spotted us and we suddenly became the center of attention. I explained what how we were just trying to get Moth home, and we answered their questions the best we could, since Moth is so bad at lying I made sure he told the truth no matter how embarrassing it was. It actually worked to our advantage since even though they found it odd that a colt would break cloud cover for some rocks, they couldn't see why anypony would ever lie about something like that.

After a tense hour, where it seemed like they were waiting on orders to either bring Moth back or just shoot us all on sight, they got conformation to take moth into custody. Moth didn't know what the punishment would be for breaking cloud cover, couldn't be as severe as being labeled a Dashite, but it would be better than the wasteland.

They at least let him bring is rocks back, as evidence, but he had to leave his battle saddle behind.

So Moth is now back in his world of sunshine and rainbows, and hopefully with his family soon. The dragon, who confirmed my suspicion that he was Watcher, wasn't as optimistic about the outcome, but couldn't come up with any alternative.

I hoped to make it back down the mountain before dark by using a different rout on the opposite face, but that didn’t work out and I had to make camp in a cave I found just over half way down. Firefly is patrolling outside, free from Watcher's influence, so it's really quiet in here with Moth gone...

Well, at least I’m not completely alone, there appears to be an alicorn sleeping in here too.
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You forgot a T in "no matter" ;)