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Fallout Equestria: Wings 22



Being stuck half way up a mountain doesn’t give much inspiration for drawing or writing, so have some rocks!
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*image* 3 rocks hold down the edges of the pages.
Day 20

The climbing rigs worked like a charm, but half way up the winds got too strong to safely climb so we set up camp in a small alcove. I even had to use some of the rocks that Moth is taking home with him to weigh down these pages.

While climbing up Firefly suddenly started talking to us, I was so startled that I nearly fell (lets hear it for safety harnesses). It told us that a terrible and ferocious dragon lived on the top of the mountain and we had to stay away. Moth first believe that it was the robot talking, but since Firefly has less AI than a talking toaster, I knew somepony was just transmitting to it over its radio frequency. I explained to whoever it was our situation and that I was willing to reason with the dragon (in my experience they can be quite reasonable when given the respect they deserve), but they kept insisting we go back down.

This insistence, along with the fact the voice got clearer as we climbed, lead me to the theory that whoever was overriding my modifications to Firefly was at the top of the mountain, and I seriously doubt that it's a dragon with a cave full of radio equipment. I figure that it is most likely some clandestine Enclave observation outpost, and they use the dragon story to keep all nosy ponies away.

Either that or some creepy pony voyeur using these robots to peep on other ponies.

I told whoever was at the other end of Firefly that we just wanted to get Moth home and we didn't care about any secrets they may have in Dragon Cave. After a long pause the voice capitulated and stopped pestering us, looks like my first theory was on the mark. Although the voice did call himself “watcher”, so it could go either way...

We were hoping to sneak Moth in unnoticed, since breaking the cloud layer is a crime in the Enclave, but if were heading right to an Enclave base then that's out of the question. Hopefully they will let him off easily if he just tells the truth that it was a foalish mistake.

We should know by about noon tomorw.

Hmm, my right back leg is itching, the part that's not there.
This is weird...
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Hooboy, more its/it's confusion! "its radio frequency".

Very sorry for spamming your comments up with this, but you know I'm only doing it because I love the everlasting crap out of this story :3