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Day 19

That featherbrain Storm Moth left on his own to climb the mountain, but forgot to bring the climbing equipment! Was he planning to just walk straight up it? At least he remembered his battle saddle, fortunate too since when we caught up to him he was loosing a gunfight against 3 raiders. To the saddle's credit though, there was originally 5 (field test successful).

Turns out that despite having almost no feathers left on her wings, Ditzy could still fly, and surprisingly fast even when pulling a wagon. If I knew that before I would have just asked her to fly us to the mountain, avoid the whole landmine trouble.

I quickly dealt with the other raiders from the back of Ditzy's wagon, and the shots they landed on Moth were easily fixed with some healing potion (he's now sleeping it off). Ditzy was then nice enough to fly us the rest of the way to the mountain, but there wasn't anywhere safe to land along the face so she set us down at the base. She wished she could wait and fly me back after dropping off Moth, but she didn't want to lave Silver Bell alone that long. She even found me a prosthetic leg in my size (her shop really does have Absolutely Everything), and gave me a copy of her book “The Wasteland Survival Guide” (with the section on landmines bookmarked).

During the ride to the mountain Moth kept asking why I went after him and keep saving his life even though he's a pegasus. I tried to explain to him that's just what ponies are supposed to do, especially earth ponies, but I guess that's not how pegasus are (with the rare exception of Ditzy).

One odd thing was that Firefly went with Moth when he left. The AI in those things are very simple, and I had no way of reprogramming it, so I just set it to track the wireless signal of the auto-map to have it follow us. Yet Moth didn't take the auto-map with him, I had it the whole time...

I guess I'm writing here again. Since my special talent appears to be being pointless, writing in a pointless field journal seems appropriate. Also, Ditzy asked me to keep this up, she said that she wants to incorporate my findings into the next edition of her book. Considering all that mare has done for me and Moth, it's the least I can do.

*image* a simple prosthetic pony leg.

My new leg
It's not much, standard issues for ponies returning from the war, but it outlasted it's last owner and I have some ideas for it.
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So Citquine is like Silver Storm now.