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Fallout Equestria: Wings 2



The first pony to welcome strangers to The Wasteland is often Death...

To see a bloodless version without the content waring go here

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Day 1

After days of shimming along hoof wide ledges and then a week of navigating through tunnels and caves, we are on the other side of the Applelation mountain range! Never thought I would be so glad to see daylight (what little the pegasus allow any ways...) again.

I am now in what is uninspiredly refereed to as “The Wasteland” (as if the rest of Equestria is a flower garden), which contains various old world locations such as Dead Canterlot, Manehatten, and Fillydelphia. I decided to start my investigation here for several reason, the most important of which is that this is the location of the infamous Everfree Forest.
I figure that my best chance of finding birds and other winged creatures would be in one of the only remaining natural forests. Although, if the reports are accurate there has never been anything “natural” about it.

Grimm says that the forest will have to wait a while first. We only have a few days of supplies left and need to stock up in Appleoosa. Beret also says that he also wants to get better armor and weapons there before tackling the forest.
I'll have to remind them to keep their recites so that the NCR can reimburse me of that too.

Aside from the air being a different shade of yellow than back home, “The Wasteland” doesn’t look to be as terrible as it's reputation suggests. I may be able to keep that promise I made to Grandma about visiting the old
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Re-reading this, for fun and profit! (but mostly, to nitpick on errors :D)

The picture seems to be missing a "h" in there has never been anything "natural" about it. Also, I think that should be "Manehattan" =p