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You said that you didn't care about writing in this journal any more, and that I can do it if I want, so that's what I'm doing.

I know you don't like pegasus, yet you saved my life three times (at the cost of your leg), helped me through the wasteland, even tried to get me home, all without me asking. I should at least tell you the truth about everything.

First, my name is Moth. Not “Stormagedon” or anything cool, just Moth, but then looking through this journal I see that you knew I was lying all along and still kept helping me. As for why I was falling when you saved me the first time, that will take some time to explain.

As you could tell from my cutie mark, my special talent is rocks, not in throwing them at griffins like I tell anypony that asks, but in geology. It may not seem like much to you, but in the Enclave saying you're interested in rocks is like a stallion saying he's interested in toys made for fillies. It's a foalish thing that nopony should waste their time with, so I always had to hide my interest. Now I think that the Enclave started that to keep ponies from being interested in the ground, like how they say the air is poison and everypony are mad cannibals.

One day I found a remote area above a mountain range with no security. So I had the plan to hold my breath, fly down, grab some rocks, and fly back before anypony noticed. But as soon as I broke through the clouds I saw that the mountains were much farther away that I thought. I tried to fly down as fast as I could, but between the G-forces and holding my breath too long I blacked out. that's when you caught me.

I was thrilled I was in a place where everywhere I walked there was different kinds of rocks, but I kept hiding my feelings. I thought you would laugh like the ponies back home. There are not many geology books in the Enclave library, but the best ones were written by Incabon Pie. So I couldn’t believe it when we actually visited her rock farm! On top of all that, you're a direct descendant of her! Then you told me about Hollow King, I couldn’t believe there is a city of rock inside a mountain!

These past weeks have been the best in my life, and I never even thanked you. I only caused you trouble and got you hurt. Now you lost your leg and have given up, all because of me. So I'm going to go to Dragon Cave mountain on my own now.

*image* tear drops on the page

Thank you for everything, and I'm sorry for everything. I hope you find those birds you're looking for. Good bye.
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Well, you used "unfamiliarity with the terminology" as excuse to make Citquine use "pegasus" as plural for "pegasus", but you can't use that excuse for Moth!

(and last episode totally confirmed it to be "pegasi" :3)