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Fallout Equestria: Wings 18



One last piece of the puzzle left.
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Day 17

Well, the “fast traveling” worked. Storm said that I zoned out and just started limping towards New Appleloosa, walked all night and the next day without stopping and no one got in out way. From my perspective I just blacked out at then woke up in front of the town, standing beside a very exhausted Storm.

I checked into Candi's clinic to get what’s left of my back right leg treated, and that's when I learned a great joke!

The joke starts years ago when I was a little colt while visiting my grandmother at Hollow King. While I was there I heard about how several of the mares had jewelry and other items go missing. The prime suspect was a local foal who was a few years older than me, but I doubted he was responsible, mainly because he was dumber than the rock he collected. I then had the odd idea to search in a crack in the rock wall that was not much bigger than I was. The crack quickly lead to a vertical shaft that I tumbled down, breaking my leg when I landed. At the bottom of the shaft with me though was all the stolen property, a radroach was building a nest with it. After a couple of days of being stuck down there (and becoming so hungry that I solved problem of the thieving radroach) I was finally rescued. When the items were returned, all the mares (and the suspected colt) were so grateful that they gave me a big pile of bits as a reward.

Upon receiving the reward I got another surprise, my cutie mark appeared! There against my golden fur was now a gold NCR bit, representing my special talent of turning even the worst situation into something profitable.

Now here's the punchline that I only just learned...

Candi has a green goop that she uses to treat burns which she slathered all over my flank and stump. The stuff works great but has one side effect, it turns fur green for a while, but it doesn’t change the color on cutie marks.

Turns out that the center of my “NCR bit” cutie mark was just my golden fur, which is now green, so all along it was a cutie mark of just a circle.

My special talent is being literally worthless, without any point, a complete nothing, hollow and empty, a big zero!

Isn't that a great joke!? A real knee slapper! Oh wait, that's going to be tricky for me since I LOST A LEG
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... I cannot think of anything witty to say to that. And I really wish I could.