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Fallout Equestria: Wings 17



Not like this wasn't foreshadowed enough...
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Day 15

this was a day of discoveries!

First. I discovered that Storm had new clue what a landmine is, even while it beeped under his hoofs. Why would he? The enclave doesn’t even have LAND!

Second. Some clever pony figured out how to over charge an incendiary mine. Giving it enough force to instantly turn a hind leg bucking away a clueless pegasus into a chard stump.

Third. Storm faints at the sight of explosions, or vaporizing legs, or maybe it was from being bucked. Either way, I have some time to write before he wakes up.

Fith. Candi mixes alcohol in with the healing potions she sells. Since I just downed a dozen of them, I believe I am a bit intoxicated. Pardon any spelling or grammar mistakes.

So now I'm going to next find out if my theory of “fast travel” works, I'm in no condition to risk a fight on the way back to town. I'm not hungry, but between the shock, blood loss, and dunk, I think a trance like state will come easily.

If this doesn’t work and something happens to me, I will be instructing Storm to take this book once his wing is better and fly it to NCR territory. Then he is to find Brigadier Corn-Husk and drop it on her head from as high as he can, HARD!

I wonder if the stable dweller has a son.
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Well, I can hardly get into the grammar and spelling of this, but it'd at least be nice for the pic and the transcript to have the SAME spelling errors =p