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Fallout Equestria: Wings 16



The story slows down a bit before entering the final leg.
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Day 14

It's already been 2 weeks since I got here and only things with wings I have found so far are a round bug, an injured pegasus foal, a robot, and a friendly ghoul. I wasn't expecting “The Wasteland” to be an aviary, but are there any birds out here at all?

At least Firefly has been useful, we've been listening to DJ Pon-Three as we walk towards the mountain. While the music selection is rather dated and repetitive (guess there are not many aspiring singers in the wasteland), the news and survival segments have been interesting. He mostly talks about some mare he calls “the stable dweller”, who seems to be fixing every problem in the wasteland and building quite the reputation. I'm not to sure if she really exists or is just some tall tale to inspire others, her actions seem a little far fetched. Just today she took out an mad ghoul scientist that was using an army of manticores to experiment on a settlement full of orphans. Storm keeps saying how he hopes that she takes out that dashite Calamity next, before he can cause another Appleoosa. If she is real then that just reenforces the stereotype that every influential pony in Equetria is a mare.

Another factually suspicious thing that DJ has mentioned now and then are these “alicorns”. From the description they sound like the old princesses of Dead Canterlot, but pure evil and in unknown numbers.

I find this suspect since demonic versions of the princesses would sound like a dream come true for the NCR PR ponies. What better way to show how NEW Canterlot is better than the old Dead one than with a legion of malevolent princesses to defend the populous from.

The rest of the time walking was spent telling Storm more about Hollow King, the town in the mountain that Incabon Pie founded, since he seems oddly interested in it. I told him how the town was mainly self contained until about 50 years ago when the NCR found it, and negotiated a trade agreement for the mining of Blinkium. My grandmother, who was mayor at the time, even married one of the NCR sergeants that came to organize the operation. For some reason Storm cringed when I told him how my dam preferred granddad's NCR lifestyle and HATED mining, rock farming, and anything to do with stones. Maybe he thinks that she would hate his cutie mark, he'd be right. That pretty much lead up me talking about how I was born and raised on NCR outpost 52 and only got to see Hollow King the rare times that my dam grudgingly let me visit grandma.

Storm insisted I draw the Stable Dweller battling Calamity.
*image* “LittlePip” (with an explosion cutie mark) fighting “Calamity” (with bat wings)
Can pegasus even have wings like this?
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Oh God your puns in the comments just slay me.