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Day 13

Spent today gathering information and finding out what to do next.

At first I thought that Candi, the local doctor, had experience treating pegasus because of Ditzy, but turns out that ghouls don't need traditional medicine much. Her regular pegasus patient is somepony named Calamity (can't be his real name), and boy did Storm panic when he heard that. Storm told me how this Calamity is a murderous traitor who was banished from the Enclave years ago, what they call a “dashite”. Putting together other bits of information, I found out that Calamity was part of the group that attacked Appleoosa, and the refuges from there are why there isn't any place for us to stay in New Appleoosa other that that overpriced inn. I guess some Pegasus don't think blocking off the sky is enough of an inconvenience to other ponies. Fortunately he's been banned from New Appleoosa, so there's no chance running into him.

Ditzy kindly offered to take Storm in until his wing healed (I guess 200 years with decent earth-ponies rubs off on a pegasus), but he was too frightened by her appearance to accept. I guess there are no ghouls in the Enclave either, probably all just sun shine and rainbows. If Ditzy scares him, I would hate to see what happens when he comes across a feral.

Even if we could stay in town a week (would cost me a hoof and a leg in caps), Storm may get shot down by his fellow pegasus while trying to fly home (great bunch). He says that the Enclave has a real zero tolerance for anyone entering their air space, which isn't normally an issue since only ones that could reach them are griffins and banished “dashites ”. Makes me wonder what he was doing below the clouds “fighting griffins”, but I didn't bother to ask, would just be another lie.

The only course of action I could come up with is to sneak him above the clouds by climbing up a tall mountain. The draw back is that Storm says all the mountains that high have been mined flat by the pegasus, except for one that's protected by a dragon. I figure that if this dragon dislikes pegasus, he can't be all bad and should be reasonable enough to let us pass to drop off Storm.

*image* Dragon Cave Mountain.

So the next stop is Dragon Cave mountain. I rigged up some climbing gear (never thought that old R&D project would come in handy), fixed up Firefly's magical zapper, and bought enough supplies for the 6 days there and back. With luck I may even find some more winged specimens along the way.
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"would cost me a hoof and a leg" - lol, you keep doing that xD