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Fallout Equestria: Wings 14



A guest artist and the start of pronouns!
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*image* Painting of Citquine and Stormagedon by Silver Bell

Day 12
We finally got to New Appleoosa, and the doctor managed to set Storm's wing, but it will be at least a week before he can fly again even with healing potions.

I asked the stallion in charge of the town about the Pie rock farm and he said to ask Ditzy Doo, the local storekeeper, pegasus, and ghoul (interesting combination). After a little communication confusion, she told me that a filly living with her named Silver Bell grew up on the farm.

Silver Bell was hesitant at first, but when I agreed to let her paint me in exchange for answering my questions, I didn't expect she would use this journal! She's a better artist than me at least, she got my NCR bit cutie mark right, but I seem to be missing a leg.
She wasn't much help though, she didn't know how long the farm was in her family, but being unicorns it's unlikely that they were my distant relatives. I'm guessing Ditzy owns the property now, being her guardian.

I started work on a battle saddle for Storm's big gun. I'm basing it on the telescoping arm model that somepony at work came up with, it was either Ruby Shines or the other unicorn in R&D, I forget which.
*image* Telescoping battle saddle.
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Moar corrections! Hope I'm not embarrassing you too much with this :3

"I didn't expect she would use this journal!"