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Fallout Equestria: Wings 13



Remember to take the pencil out of your mouth before you face-hoof...
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Hi ! how can I help you?
*image* journal
Oh, hi. Railright told me that you had for sale the contents of the old Pie rock farm?
*image* chalkboard
I have most of it. Looking for something particular?
*image* journal
Actually, I was hoping that you could tell me what you could about the property and its history. It once belonged to my family.
*image* chalkboard
Oh, Silver Bell would know more about that.
Just don't mention family...
*image* journal
The filly? Ok, I'll try.
Also I'll be needing some supplies, and a work bench if you have one available. I have some stuff to trade too and
*image* chalkboard
You could talk if you want, my ears work fine 8)
*image* journal
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Guah, Moth, seriously, "its history".

It's not that hard! "it's" = "it is" = verb. "its" = possessive.

Any time you write a ' just try writing whatever you got there without the contraction to see if it still works.