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Fallout Equestria: Wings 12



Rock farms are built to last...
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Day 11

It's odd when being in a shootout and finding an old building counts as a "good day". I really need to get this assignment finished and get back to a normal life...

Just before dawn some raiders tried to jump us in our sleep, but Firefly's proximity warning worked like a charm. So while they were still recovering from the alarm I had time to take them out with my plasma pistol. Storm was useless with his big gun, had more chance of hitting Firefly than the raiders, I'll have to rig up a battle saddle for it later.

I held another impromptu auction for the raider's personal effects (the ones that didn't turn into blue goo), and Storm was rather puzzled by it. I tried to explain how NCR accounting worked and about business expense, but he just didn't get it. Than didn't stop him from out bidding me though! I stopped bidding at 50 caps and he went to 60, then paid me the caps out of the ones that the raiders had on them! That colt is a quick study.

The high point of the day though was reaching the old farmstead and finding that it was still pretty much intact after 200 years. I was expecting finding the foundation at most, but not only was it still standing but there was signs that it was inhabited until recently. I'm betting that when I get back and tell grandma, she'll pack her bags and move here!
(watch out any raiders that get in her way)

Storm had a strange reaction to all this. At first he was indifferent by the discovery, but after he asked what kind of farm was it and I told him a rock farm, he freaked out and wanted to know more. Most ponies have no clue what a rock farm is for and even think it's a joke, but some how Storm already knew about them in more detail than I did.

Since he seemed interested I told him how one of the mares that owned this farm, Incabon Pie, discovered a mountain range rich in a magic resistant ore. This purple ore, which she named Blinkium after her sister, was in high demand during the war (mostly from Stable-tech) and a whole community sprang up within the mountain for the mining of it. When the mega-spells fell the miners and all their families were protected in the mountain and learned to be self sufficient.

By the time I got to Incabon's great grand daughter Citrine, the first filly born there after the mega-spells (and my namesake), Storm was still keen on hearing more, but it was late and he was barely staying awake. So we're sleeping in the farm house tonight and tomorrow we should reach New Appleoosa.
*image* Old Pie rock farm.
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Hehe. More auction looting. Love that.

Interesting that Pinkie's family survived the war.