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Fallout Equestria: Wings 11



How to jail break a Spritebot...
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Day 10

*image*Wires, electronic parts, and oil stains litter the page as a Spritebot shadow passes by

My first attempt to catch a flying specimen worked (that Word Bubble doesn’t count), although it's not technically any kind of bird, insect, or monster... More a robot.

A couple years back a few of these winged ball robots made their way into NCR Territory and were brought into R&D for examination. None of the samples I got to look at were in working condition, but I got a good idea of their workings. So when I noticed that several of these things are floating around the wasteland (playing terrible music), I had the idea to catch one, open it up, and customize it's functionality for my own purposes.

It's a tricky process since they tend to explode when tampered with, hence not having working models before, but with a steady hoof and knowing what to avoid, it becomes a simple operation. Now a flying nuisance has become a personal radio, a proximity alarm, and if I can find a small energy weapon (other than my plasma pistol) it could even defend itself and us in a fight.

It only picks up three radio channels though. There's the default march music, a local news and music channel, and a very weak signal that I think is coming from Fillydelphia (it's hard to make anything out). It's hardly the variety that's in the NCR, but at least it's something to listen to while walking, and this DJ Pon-three has a refreshingly different bias to the news than back home.

Stormageddon calls it Firefly
*image* Firefly the jailbroken Spritebot

I guess since he was the one to catch it, he can name it (I still hold the copyright on the tech though). He was surprisingly adept with a lasso. He said it was from his father teaching him how to round up clouds from the Everfree forest that stray too close to populated areas. Apparently the forest is so wild that even the clouds go rogue and are dangerous to handle, so they use rope braided with pegasus hair to catch them. It was all hard to believe, but “Stormageddon” is such a terrible liar that I could tell at least this was true, he even seemed hesitant to talk about it.
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Sounds like ED-E. God I love him.