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Day 9

Well got some good news and some bad news today.

On our way to Appleoosa we came across a caravan of traders, so our supply problem was solved. It turns out that the currency in the Wasteland is bottle-caps (that's one mystery solved), so while my bits were worthless, the caps I got from Beret and Grimm came in handy. I was fortunate enough that the first merchant I talked to was either to honest or too stupid to try and fleece me out of my caps.

The caravan also had a "doctor" (between you and me, I don't think she studied at an accredited institution) traveling with them named Adder Mouse. She said that she never patched up a pegasus' wing before and she didn't want to risk making the injury worse by setting it wrong. She did sell us some magical bandages though to keep any infection out and recommended a doctor named Candi in New Appeloosa who's had experience patching up pegasus.

*image* Doctor Adder Mouse
This is not the expression you want your doctor to have...

Now the bad news. The reason that the caravan was heading from Appleoose fully stocked was due to the town being attacked, most of the population killed, and all their inventory stolen. The traders weren’t sure who did it but it must have taken a small army.

So after trading in the small gun and its bullets (Stormageddon wanted to keep the big one) we stocked up on supplies and had New Appleoosa marked on the map. It looks like where the old family farmstead use to be is right along the way, so we'll be stopping around there to see if anything is left to report back to grandma.

I also bought a screw driver, some rope, and some spare electrical parts for a plan I have for my next winged "specimen".

I've notice that Stormageddon has a weird habit. He always walks with his head down, looking at the ground, and every so often his face would just light up, then go back to a blank expression. At least he's quiet, I wonder if all pegasus teens are this well behaved, must be from all the sun they get...
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