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Fallout Equestria: Wings 1



This is the first part of a series I'm planning where I'm going to attempt and tell an original story set in the world of Fallout Equestria from the pages of a earth-pony's field journal.
This idea was inspired by the various notes and memos that the player finds in the Fallout universe which tells the story of past people and events (particularly Randall Clark's journals in Honest Hearts). Also, I wanted to tell a story from the FoE world with a protagonist that wasn't a unicorn and had no access to a Pip-buck, making the challenges much different that those of LittePip.

I have not read any other FoE stories, so if any part of FoE:Wings comes off likes something someone wrote before, it's a complete coincidence. I have several ideas for this story and I hope to get a part out at least once a week. On the other hand I may well lose interest within a few pages, we'll see how it goes...
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New Canterlot Republic Office of Weapons and Logistics Research and Development department Field Journal. Owner: Citquine

First and foremost, I must state that this “assignment” is nothing more than the result of Brigadier Corn-Husk's biased and unjust vendetta against me.
The standard procedure for mounting a reconnaissance mission beyond NCR borders would be a quad of at least 3 armed troopers, possibly 1 ranger, and a minimum of 2 field researchers, one of which would be a unicorn.
Sending a lone earth-pony from O.W.L R&D into unknown and possibly hostile locations is more akin to a death sentience!

Furthermore, the very goal of this assignment appears suspect:
“Locate and document various winged life-forms (including avian, insect, monster, or other), beyond the borders of the New Canterlot Republic, in the interest of advancing the development of new forms of aircraft. Particular attentions should be paid to locating either wild geese or snipes.”

How am I even suppose to “document” these birds? My drawing skills are laughable, this is why stuff like this is done by unicorns. Everyone knows that earth-ponies lead and do the hard work, unicorns handle the sciences and detailed work, and pegasus make sure that no one ever gets a sunburn ever again...
The joke is on the brigadier though, since I have every intention of completing this assignment and returning to the NCR with a full detailed report within this field journal. To ensure my success, I have paid for out of my own pocket the aid of a bodyguard and a guide (which the NCR will have to reimburse me for on my return)/
Beret says that he has extensively explored beyond NCR territory and Grimm claims to be a former ranger.

*image* Beret and Grimm

Once again I would like to state that this assignment is an abuse of brigadier Corn-Husk's power and motivated by her grudge against me due to my relationship with lieutenant Red-Maize. The lieutenant and
I were both consenting adults and how was I to know that he was her son?

That's my story and I’m sticking to it!
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every time I read these journals of yours my inner reading voice sounds like Catherine Halsey. I can read in several voices . in my head of course. I still don't understand how.