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Maybe a Human

By JustIRaziel
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I painted some hours to get the right felling for it but it look kind of wrong.. is it the proportion or something else

Reference by

Human___Process_by_aditya777 [link]

I hade some problems with the Painting Technique aspecialie the hair and shining suit

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Great work
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SpiderllyProfessional Digital Artist
I really love this. The pose is really remarkable, very meditative. I think it could be a bit more dramatic if you played off the angles a little more. The hair is Very curved (which looks awesome!), so if you made the foot and sword more curved to play off of each other, I think this could be really dynamic. But that could just be personal preference, it looks great as is too!
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NmaethaStudent Digital Artist
So, I really like this, it's great!
The silhouette really stands out from the background with the contrast you've used, but for the hair.
I'd go for a slightly less bright background under those, because as white as they are, they mix in too much and the piece seems 'flat'.
I'd simply add a light grey layer with low opacity between background and character, that would make the blacks in the character stand out even more, and the same goes for the light blue of the screen.
Anyway, the anathomy is good you know, nothing wrong there: actually, it's well done. Maybe the problem you perceive while watching this is that it feels a bit too "flat"? That's because the arm and the leg in the front view are of the same exact colours and value of the rest of her body, even if that's further away from us and should thus be a bit lighter... without changing that, you could add some blue-ish reflected light from the floor and BG to the spikes on her back, her helbow, shoulder, calf and her foot area.
Reflected light from the screen on her hand would be good, too... shiny materials, like the suit, are really really really reflective: I like what you did here, the look of matte-shining on her leg - I prefer it to the vinyl-suit shine tenfolds -, but if you wanted a shiny-sleek-really-reflective material then you have to heighten the contrast.
[link] <-- examine this and you'll see what I mean (Image found by google images, and yes it's PG rated no worries), becayse I don't think that I'd be able to explain that XD
Also, maybe looking at images of shiny (or matte-shiny) cilinders of metals, or of plastic if that's the look you're searching, might help too.

Also, I'd add a bit of reflected light on her hair, both the upside and downside, to further separe it from the white bg underneath. And maybe some liiiiiittle full white strands on the very topmost rim of her hair, to make it stand out more.
And... mmmh... some more light on the top corner of the screen in her hands would be good too, I think.

All in all, tho, this is awesomely done! These are just some tips that came to mind XD I'm studying those kind of techniques myself, so yeah... I hope I didn't go overboard XD Or I hope you wanted a critique XD
I kind of write a lot, and I'm doing skin-thight shiny suits too lately, so I could go on and on for ages on those.

Well, I hope that I was of help!
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JustIRazielHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, thats a lot of writing but that's great ;D

I will use your thoughts in my next work, so lets hope to keep the basics in mind in future :D
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NmaethaStudent Digital Artist
You know, a good idea for remembering things like these, especially when you still are learning those, it's writing them down: Put them in a post-it note and stick it to the rim of your monitor, or where you can see it well from the computer... check-list like, you know. It helps a lot XD
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JustIRazielHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm... taking Notes to remember thinks... I will do ;D

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NmaethaStudent Digital Artist
AHAHA I had actually already browsed that - I receive the ctrl-paint DAgroup devnotes you know XD
But THOSE are digital and unless you use some program, they won't stick up on your desktop you know? XD I'm full of post-its myself XD

Anyway, that ways of doing things is just awesome. Just so you know. XD
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JustIRazielHobbyist Digital Artist
heheh No, I am not a program but you have half right anyway its a desktop background on my tablePc ;D
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PedroHenrique-2Hobbyist Digital Artist
i just think that her white hair is not standing up enouth on the backgorund (almost the same color), but i think that the size and every thing are just fine! and thos bubbles make a bit of magic on he image!
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ZhaanmanHobbyist General Artist
Astounding style of this image your hard work has paid off in her look what Beauty love how she just hangs there!!
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DragosBubu Interface Designer
Definitely not human.
She's an alien from the planet Exile:P
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FluegelHobbyist General Artist
sehr cool :)
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JustIRazielHobbyist Digital Artist
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FluegelHobbyist General Artist
ich finde man sieht gut, wie du dich weiter entwickelst vom bloßen abzeichnen. Wird es bald komplett eigenständige Bilder von dir geben?
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JustIRazielHobbyist Digital Artist
Wenn ich mehr Zeit finde ja, aber im Moment bin ich Beruflich sehr stark beansprucht...

Danke für feedback
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du bis echt gut geworden, weiter so
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JustIRazielHobbyist Digital Artist
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