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Leopardus Pardalis - Ocelot

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One of my favorites!
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will be or has been used here:
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Just realised that this has been used at [link] (with a minor modification)
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I really like this! very nice^^
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You are too kind, Thank you very much
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you are quite welcome^^
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I really like the fibery look to this. :3
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Thank You - This one is my favorite as it happened by accident - As a result I have learned to recognize the perfection that hides within the imperfection.
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I saw the name and immediately thought of Metal Gear. XDD

That aside, this is beautiful. I love the light effects! It really brings a pop to the piece! :D
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Thank you - I am a TOTAL MGS fan too :)

Thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate it.
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Stunning! Love the colors and effects<3
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Very nice work!
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Oh that is so cool looking. When I first saw the tiny thumbnail, before I clicked on it-I thought it was either a photo and something similar.
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Wow! How did you do that!? I know you used a program to manipulate it, but how did you do the glowy electricity thing? This is so beautiful! :iconiloveitplz:
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Thanks :)

Its been heavily Photoshopped ;)
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Oh, ok! You're welcome! :iconloveloveplz:
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