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Hey everyone, I'm open for art commisions! Help a starving artist not starve and get cool art in return! I am offering a wide range of stuff, including both fanart and OC's, and can change my drawing style to suit what you would like (I can also do graphic design stuff if for some reason you would like that). For the most part it will be like this~
(ALL DIGITAL WORK, price is for 1 character per pic with simple background, might be more for groups and complicated backgrounds etc)

$5 Rough Sketch
$10 Inked
$15- Colored

$10 Rough Sketch
$15 Inked
$20-30 Colored
Other stuff I can let you know.

Email and message me here (because sometimes I forget to check one or the other right away) and I will contact you. I will only have slots if I get a large demand (which I doubt). I have a very quick turn-around and am easy to work with in fixing and fine tuning your piece. I will show you a small sample first and you can confirm and then send payment to my paypal and I'll send you the full big file after that.

Note: Will not draw excessive gore, hentai(porn), etc.
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Submitted on
November 10, 2010