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*Updated for 2018* I'm currently open for all commissions. Please send me an email at if you’re interested, but here are the general guidelines.

It’s generally first come first serve basis, and if you need it by a certain time (for a gift) please let me know, I may charge slightly more for priority as I usually work on everything at once. I can do many types of illustration work along with graphic design and can change up my style to suit your needs.

Payment must be through Paypal and I take full payment first unless the project is large enough to require something else. You will be updated with the sketch, lineart, and final colors as I work on them in most cases.

Prices here are a rough estimate based on past commissions for Character Illustration. Other prices will be discussed case by case. I can negotiate the price somewhat, but it ultimately depends on the detail and amount of time I feel it will take to make your artwork.

$20 Bust
$40 Fullbody

Full Color
$40 Busts
$60 Fullbody
+$55 per Extra full character

Email and I will contact you ASAP. I normally have a very quick turn-around and am easy to work with in fixing and fine tuning your piece. You can also note me here on DA but I will probably not get back to you as quickly.
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November 8, 2014


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