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My Kamen Rider Crossover by Justinian-RisingStar My Kamen Rider Crossover by Justinian-RisingStar

Kamen Rider is one of the longest running shows in Japan, and they had some awesome ideas for riders, too many to list.  There are also some awesome ideas for crossover, and these are the top 5 I would crossover with Kamen Rider.

5: Greek Mythology:  Now let’s make one thing clear.  I am not talking about the Percy Jackson series.  It has its own take on Greek mythology.   I also feel that this could be a real season for the show if they decide to go with it one day.

The Plot:  The titans are rising once again, and Prometheus joins them to get his revenge on Zeus for him leaving on a cliff, and get his liver plucked by an eagle.

Prometheus soon learns that the titans plan on killing the human race along with the Greek gods, and runs off.

Prometheus runs into a low-level security guard, who scene of justice is second-to-none, and give him the driver to come Kamen Rider Olympus.

How do the monsters work?  The monster would be people that the titans turn into by their powers.  They would find a human, and say, “Where have the gods betrayed you?” and turn them into a monster to destroy that god represents.

4: Egyptian Mythology:  Same as before.  The Kane Chronicles is its own story, and the creators of Kamen Rider can use this at any time.

Plot: The Servants of Apep/Apophis are trying to awaken their god.  To do this, they sent out their demons to collect the secret names of people, stealing that person’s identity, memories, and possibly their souls.

A young man fights them by using the power of Khepri, the beetle god, as well as one of Ra's forms/servents, to fight against them.

How do the monsters work?  The Servant at the time orders his demon to collect the secret names of victims.  When Kamen Rider Khepri seems to be winning, the servant will sacrifice his own secret name to become one with his demon, making it even more powerful. Once Khepri defeats them, the servant has no memory of who they are, where they are, or what is going on around them.

3: 39 Clues:  In Cahill City, a new type of drug has appeared on the streets.  It can make you stronger, faster, smarter, while it slowly mutants your body.

The four big families of Cahill City are they only ones with the money and resources to handle this when the user mutants into a monster.  Each family fights for their purpose, and never works with the other, seeing the fights as ways of earning more from the city.

Sinead Starling/Kamen Rider Ekaterina:  Considered one of the smartest in all of Cahill City, Sinead sadly only got be a rider because her brothers are not physically capable of fighting.  She felts like she has to prove herself over and over again when she fights, as she is the only female rider, and both her brothers are physically unable to do the job.

She uses weapons to fight.  Her best is a gun that turns into a sword.

Jonah Wizard/Kamen Rider Janus:  Jonah is the most famous singer in the entire city, but he is also one of the best fighters as well.  Having trained in martial art at a young age, Jonah uses quick strikes to take the monsters down.

Ian Kabra/Kamen Rider Lucian: Ian is the son of the city’s top bank owner. He always shows up in a limo, or his motorcycle if his in a hurry.  He is also seen with the cigar, all the riders are over 18 in this.  He is also known to have a thing for Amy Cahill, one of the clerks at his father’s bank.

He fights using strategy to out think is opponent, always 2 steps ahead. Like a grand chess master.

Hamilton Holt/Kamen Rider Tomas: Hamilton is the top athlete in the city.  He fights using brute force and strength, which is doubled in his rider form.

Dan Cahill/Kamen Rider 39: Dan is our main hero.  He got his powers after his grandmother’s death, finding a secret lab under her mansion with his sister Amy.  He fights to find out what is up with these new drug, and to uncover their secret.

2: Hunger Games:  I see this crossing with Kamen Rider Ryuki.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s like the Hunger Games, only all fights take place in a mirror world, and the riders also have to fight monsters that live in that as well.

Plot:  The 12 districts are under the protection of a Rider. The Riders fight monsters that come out of mirrors and other reflective objects and take people to eat. These 12 are called Veteran Riders

The problem is that they are able to seal the monsters, so attacks are small, and rarely more than one at a time.  It only takes the life energy of 12 people to keep it going for a year.

So every year, 1 person in each district is chosen to be a Rookie Rider, and trained under a Veteran.  The 24 Rider are set to the mirror world to fight till only 12 remain.  Those become the Riders for the year.

1: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:   I just can’t help but see the world of MLP: FIM and Kamen Rider Fourze crossing over into one big friendship.

This is already happening with Fourze-pony, :iconflairnightz:, and MangaKamen, and I am enjoying it as a Kamen Rider Fourze fan.

Plot: My idea is just Gentaro Kisaragi finding himself in the MLP universe and together with the Mane 6, fights some super evil force, and at the end unleashes a…Elements of Super Galaxy Harmony Finish of Friendship! Shouting, “Our friendship will take on the multi-verse!”

So yeah, there are all my ideas for Kamen Rider Crossovers.  Hope you enjoyed them, and if you want, you can have them.

If you want to create your own, then go here: 

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avdsouza Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
I didn't knew that you hate KC and PJO so much.
I never said I hated KC or PJO. I enjoy them, and even done fan works. justinian-risingstar.deviantar…
I was just making it clear that these do not crossover with Riordanverse, but that of the original myths they came from.
avdsouza Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015
Okay, can you see this.…
joker105 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
You have good creativity 
Thank you.
joker105 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
You're free to take them and write your own stories,
joker105 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
That's nice of you, but your there yours. I think the only one who can write them is you
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