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Special Feature: The Basics of Feminism

Special Feature: The Basics of Feminism

In coordination with last week's community events and specifically my group feature on feminism, Some Community Events 7 I've decided to expand on the topic with some basic information about feminism and why we need it AND feature some awesome art in the process to get across my point! Introduction When I first submitted my paper: Fighting Rape Culture I was already pretty powerfully into being a feminist and I support all those things that go with it. I know how easy it is to be misinformed or dismissive of Feminism so I would like to shed some light on what it's all about! So what is feminism? Yep. That's it. If you think it means anythi
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My Bio
I write/draw autobiographical comics. The goal is to self publish several volumes of books, ultimately working up to my graphic novel.

I also like making little cartoons about politics and nerd (my) culture.

Check me out on:

Medi.ci: medi.ci/justinhubbell

Twitter: twitter.com/hubbelljustin

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Favourite Visual Artist
David Mazzucchelli, Dong Hwa Kim, Trudy Cooper, Mark Kalesniko
Favourite Movies
King Kong (1933), Gojira (1954), Tampopo, Amarcord... So many.
Favourite TV Shows
All of the Star Treks.
Favourite Writers
Morgan Howell, duh?
Favourite Games
Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, Myst, Riven, Machinarium, Myth: The Fallen Lords, Obsidian, Star Ship Titanic, The Last Express, Tombraiders 1-3, DOOM
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Mac 0S 9 haha
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Micron pens, bristol board, photoshop, staedtler erasers, rulers, pencils.
Hey y'all! I'm going to be on vacation for the next two weeks. justinhubbell.com will still be updating but otherwise I will be AWOL. So yeah, don't panic.  Not that you would.  You're all very clear headed, rational people.  I just figured you shoul...
Hey everyone.  I don’t typically post stories like this but Amanda is a member of my community and I simply can’t ignore her cries for help.Her parents refused to recognize her transgender status and took her son away. Please help by contributing to ...

How Quentin Tarantino Broke my Heart

How Quentin Tarantino Broke my Heart

Pulp Fiction was my favorite movie. Okay maybe not my number one, after all Monty Python and the Holy Grail? That's unfair. But Pulp Fiction was hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. I saw it when I was maybe 13 and it rocked my socks, everything about it was cool, funny, brutal, sexy... It was a perfect movie and I would relish the opportunity to introduce it to my friends. I must have watched it 30 times between 13 and 18. In college a professor even broke it down in my History of Film course - citing Pulp Fiction as a prime example of post modernism (which it is.) Fast forward (or rewind, really) to life after college. I ha

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Emil-HProfessional Traditional Artist
Hey, just wanted to tell that your art helped me a lot. You are an awesome artist, your art has an impact, and it made me a better and healthier person. 
So yeah, thanks, and I'm glad I can follow your works here! Have a nice day :)
justinhubbellProfessional Artist
So glad you appreciate my work - especially b/c it helped you! Means a lot that you let me know! <3 <3

That said? I update deviant art so rarely that I would suggest you follow me on Tumblr or Twitter instead:


or @HubbellJustin on Twitter!
AttaoraHobbyist General Artist
I've read several of your feminism comic and I wanted to say that you've made me feel better inside. Though I'm sure many men are in favor of gender equality, very few of them are brave enough to outright say they're feminists. The very word attracts hate and stupidity like to other on the internet.
You, being a man, and still taking a disinterested stand for real gender equality gives me hope for the future. Respect my friend.
justinhubbellProfessional Artist
Hey, thank you for this comment!  It really does me a world of good.

I have, in fact, heard from other men who really appreciated the comic and shared it among their male friends - so there's hope still!
I hope it becomes a resource for introducing people to Feminism, so feel free to share the link: www.justinhubbell.com/orcs-vs-…

I'm glad I didn't let you down! ^__^
AttaoraHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, change comes through awareness and education. I will try and spread the word like you do!
I'm glad there's people like you and the other men who appreciate the comics exist and I hope there's more and more of them!
justinhubbellProfessional Artist
Me too!  <3
a-mapProfessional Digital Artist
I like your Orcs vs Feminism comic!