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-VIDEO- The Gates -resubmit-

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD--> [link] DivX4 22.3MB 0:50secs

Midori Productions
The Gates - performed by Da Vinci's Notebook

My final for Adv.Photoshop class received alot good feed back and decided to post it here as well.

Not that I would ever expect DA to host videos, I hope the placement is sufficent enough to leave this submission in the listing as all I really uploading is the picture preview.

Finished the video final for Advanced Photoshop after a 48 hour binge of being buried in my room. Worked myself sick by Monday morning......had caffine lining my stomach and damn near passed out at the Computer at 10 AM

Anyway the videos done and i can actually SEE people again. Funny thing is after i actually woke up and was finished I was like.." hey I just made an Anime in 48 hours" ROCK

Still have to do the rest of the song, i have 2 verses to go to draw and to work out the process of the flight scene.....hopefully it'll be something i can get on when things calm down for me
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Too funny! And so very catchy. >.<

And I can very much relate to making that thing....I did that three times during finals week, just a few weeks ago....I sympathize...but you came out on top! :)
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For a simple little idea you've really achieved a lot and I can sympathise with the guy, my lappy is giving me grief at the moment too, now I just need to find me a tall building to drop it off.....away from my car. Great job ^^
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DA now host videos. They just don't want them in the Flash gallery.

Cool. Could've spent time animating it. Not so much work seeing it's anime, and the camera moves do a lot.
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well, the project didnt call to fully animate the vid, the teacher was looking for more of a monty python style. I approached it from the style in FLCL where they animated pieces of a comic strip and let the camera act as the readers eye as well as exaggerate teh action as well. thanks for the input
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You rise from the grave like a zombie. Amazing!

Nifty little video there though, I have to admit-O.
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Long time no see! I'll have to check this out sometime!
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