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There Will Be Brawl - Mario

By JustinGreene
Did this on the live on Ustream tonight, was a fun first run, but I probably took way longer than I should have.

Anyway, wanted to do some fanart for once of the online series I've been following - There Will Be Brawl [link] It's exactly what you think it is, dark and gritty with SSBB characters and it's awesome.

I'll try to make a series of this and send them into the site. Enjoy

Mario is played by Paul Duraso and is (c) Nintendo
There Will Be Brawl is directed by Matthew Mercer
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© 2009 - 2021 JustinGreene
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I want a sequel.

"We?" somebody comes out from the shadows. "YOU!"
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...I know I'm going to be flamed for this, but... am I the only one who flogging HATES grimderp material?! EH?! The concept is strange, but actually a bit tolerable; but I raged once I saw what butchering was done to Olimar, the Ice Climbers, Kirby, Pit of all people(granted, Uprising wasn't released yet...); and MIYAMOTO FOR SOME ARCEUSDAMN REASON. And when I found out that Snake is a minor character even though he's the only one from an M game. I ragequit once I found that Ness and Lucas were psychos. WTH :rage:
I want to write a deconstruction fic, where every villain in here was brainwashed beyond belief, like this one fic based off of the dreadful Pokemon Peta game - and it seems as though the writers have something against children. 
Hmm, if a sequel was ever made, I can predict that Villager will be another child murderer(since the writer HATES kids), Wii Fit Trainer's persona will be scraped from the bottom of the meme barrel, Megaman will be YET ANOTHER psycho kid who is also an emotionless robot(If he's not demoted to a minor)... I don't give a flux. 
Anyone a fan? Well, I like my saccharine idealism, thank you very much!
JustinGreene's avatar
No your entitled. The main reason I loved the story was how jarring it was from our basic notions of these characters. I can understand it can deviate farther than most people's concepts, but to me that's its greatest appeal.
erikatheraindeer's avatar
Meh, I guess that's okay. I CAN see the appeal in making something darker, and I do it all the time - it's just that I like to pump it full of Shonen-manga brand idealism and optimism to help it go down. I think it's because of this show that I have pledged my heart to idealism. The thing is, I feel that people who make grimderp things and/or try to twist characters into things they are not are missing the point. It could be because I'm Japanese and cute stuff is the norm here, though; in my opinion, the west likes edginess a little too much. I just really want to meet SOMEONE who is willing to accept the 'saccharine' for what it is. But I respect your opinion, like you do mine.

You may even say I'm a fool
Feelin' the way that I do
You can call me Pollyanna
Say I'm crazy as a loon
I believe in silver linings
And that's why I believe in you...
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me:good question mario, when HAVE you held a plumbing tool?
GLHTS's avatar
yeah brawl needs mortal combat blood effect that would be epic
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O-oah I think mario's gonna kill someone here XD
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Mario has a point, since when did he ever hold a pluncher or did pluming in any of the games he's in O.o far as I know he's been battling a huge spiked turtle shell dragon reptile in order to save the needed to be rescued a million times princess peach x.x He's is anything but a plumber lol
PiRatE-ChicKA's avatar
This was one of my favorite scenes, glad that you captured it so well. :)
metalshadowinsanity's avatar
Dude, plumbers don't use toilet plungers except at home. They fix pipes, not unclog them. COOL THE HELL DOWN MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fleetway-Sonic's avatar
My 8 yr. old brother: oh that's cool *walks out of room* me: OMG WTH???No mario why???
erikatheraindeer's avatar
I know right? 


As for weapons, we got puppies, Kittens, magic swords, cookies, rainbows, tanks that shoot rainbows, flowers, unicorns, some tomes, some blasters, Ness's baseball bat, a whole lot of pokemon, fire and ice flowers, doves, candy, gauntlets, and everything nice under the sun. Which will you pick?
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- I don't remembering writing this..... man I feel old.
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This part made me laugh. XD Awesome picture to it.
SKMiles's avatar I havn't XD
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For those who know, Luigi's the main character, not the usual Mario.
Reduxist's avatar
Kirby was a little bastard...
MistressThorns's avatar
It makes so much sense, love it. xD
GameFreekk's avatar
It's a little scary x3
xpha's avatar
LinaLeonheart's avatar
<3 I love There Will Be Brawl hee hee
MaxwellCohen5211997's avatar
Cool, especially because it looks like the games
Da-Vane's avatar
That is pretty sweet...
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