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Sonic SatAM Video - Sonic Boom

Vimeo link below

I've noticed there is a definite lack of Sonic AMVs, so when coxy1987 uploaded the best quality SatAM rips I'd ever seen at, I set out to do one. I rather enjoyed the result =D
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Loved every second of it!
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that's cool, SatAM forever
I love the music you put with the Sonic vid pics it rocks.
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Nice video!
I make my own videos too but dont upload them to be on the safe side.
What program did you use?
Id like to download it but youtube wont let me, can u upload it on google video?
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Okay, first thing, I need to remember to turn the volume down before you char activates the lightsaber (somewhat painful with earbuds). Second thing, That was wicked. I'd never heard the Remix of POD's "Boom," and this was a heck of a way to hear it for the first time. Also, I liked how you cited all of your resources and help at the end in the credits. Top notch work.
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Heh, I don't really need to hear it, cos I've pretty much memorised the theme tune from this particular series. ^.^;
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LOL nono, it's not Sonic Boom the song that's my title, the song is P.O.D. vs the Crystal Method - Boom
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Oh, heh. ^^; Not really familliar with that one. ^^;

Are you online on AIM at the moment? ^^
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Hey, Not too shabby.
John-the-Enforcer's avatar
Interesting collection of SatAM clips in the music vid, Justin! =D

This, of course, is the best of the animated Sonic cartoons. Especially with the best voice work done by Jim Cummings (Robotnik and several of the Swatbots in the series).
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That was ROCKIN! ^__^ I loved it! I added that to my YouTube Favs!
li-chiba's avatar
excellent work :clap:
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ah wow man great choice of music for a nice selection of clips from SatAM :nod: Makes me wanan watch the show right now XD;
ScWeeGee-Boy's avatar
cool idea (not just the sonic). I have a YouTube account, but I never thought of advertising for my vids on my DA account. Thanks for the thought.
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