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Sketch Book Splash Page

By JustinGreene
Decided to go out and actually buy a sketchbook. Believe it or not I never really doodled. You know, like draw little sketches on your homework or on your notes in school. If I drew something I always drew with something in mind. So to help me along with getting back into regularity I went out and just bought a half-sized bound sketchbook to take around with me at work or wherever.

I did though wanna do something nice for the first page so I just decided to do a simple splash page of Justin and AnimeCwboy (my WoW Rogue)

And that's about where it started......WTF is in about the rogue T2 Shoulder design that makes it so DAMN hard to make it look right. I mean SERIOUSLY! It's a simple design, it's not terribly complex, but the slightest variation of angle and proportion makes it look FUCKED. It's just like first learning to get Sonic's spines right.

So I flipped the page and drew Bloodfang Shoulderpads (or Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless for you fellow Kara rogues) for 3 days at different angles until I felt comfortable with their look.

ANYWAY there became my theme for the sketchbook, drawing pains in my ass. After I finished the splash page I continued trying to think of things I wanted to work on, like background elements such as trees and clouds, setting up a rainy scene, etc. I am liking the prospect of doodling like this.

And as I'm sure some of you may be looking at I am tweaking Justin alittle bit. Playing with the idea of adding a hoodie, updating his hat to my newer one, and contiplating new shoe designs. No I dont intend to rip off Scrouge's shoe design (as much as I LOVE it) I'd really like to think up something "along" the same lines. I'll play with it.
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kiara-prower's avatar
OH MY. I serisously LOVE how you draw your characters, and your Echidna! His hands are a real popper for me. And all the smudges add a certain thing that I love about sketches. It makes it look more like you added TIME into it. :3 LOVE.
darc's avatar
I love all of this design stuff, hope you post more sketchbook pages.
KnuxfanEO's avatar
Nice work!
I was a big fan of your art back in the day, so it's good to see you making a comeback.
Wild-Baguette's avatar
ah long time no see :3 I must say that you did a good job on this.. seriously.. I know how you feel on that >.> When You just simply can't get a thing right cuz of Angle and stuff.. you get frustrated.. I like how Justin looks in this But I still prefer old Justin ;3
o0NeonCola0o's avatar
This is really good, I love the roundness of your style, keep it up! more doodling!
dboywheeler's avatar
It has been a long time since you posted.

This is a good sketch here... think we may see a colored version someday?
RickyDutton's avatar
Justin looks perfect the way he is in my opinion. ^^ I don't think that adding hoody is such a good idea, it wouldn't suit the look that he's portraying perfectly in this pic. ^.^
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