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Side-effects may include......

Needed a laugh. Though this was more venting in the pre-Flynn days. (THANKS YOU IAN!!! You gave me my book back)
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"Pregnancy in men" that was awesome. :)
MasterPerryMartin's avatar
I'd rather burn the comic and go back to watching Sonic Underground.
DanDrazen's avatar
"Do not taunt Vialanta."
TyrackWolfII's avatar
Geeze.... I think I'd rather deal with the constipation... XD

But I know what you mean. I love Flynn very much. :heart:
segasonic360's avatar
LoL pregnancy in men! XD
Serras-Kai's avatar
I'm so frightened just by the side-effects that I almost forgot that that it said "emotional constipation."
Graycat1's avatar
Oh man, this really had me laughing. Genital fungus? Abnormal ejaculation? Emotional constipation? PREGNACY IN MEN?! You gotta wonder just what Sonic was promised to actually do something like that...

Great work as always!
ShadowsFoxyWolf's avatar
O_O hahahahahaaha that's funny but the pregnancy in men.idk if it's hilarious or just funny.
shadowfan13's avatar
Very hilarious man! :D Nice job on the artwork!
ShadowsGal101's avatar
OMG!! *laughing super hard* That's so funny!!! Theough the Pregnancy in Men has me a little off...
jayfoxfire's avatar
XDDDDDD ok that was very random XD
S-C-G's avatar
OMG thats just hilarious
neomiguelangel's avatar
I bet pregnancy in men is the result of abnormal ejaculation, not Vialanta´s XDD. Funny effects!

Pezarin's avatar
"genital fungus and pregnancy in men" xDD
ImpishVermin's avatar
Pregnancy in men.

That was brilliant, my friend. BRILLIANT.
Trance88's avatar
Oooh yeah! Give me some!!!! ha ha ha. How much was sonic payed to do this? ha ha ha. Very funny pic.
Beau-Skunk's avatar
The warnings at the bottom are hilarious. :D

And yeh, Ian Flyn is doing a good job on the comics so far.
Bilianna's avatar
lol thats random XD
darc's avatar
Abnormal ejaculation? Do I even want to know how THAT works?
HedgeCatDragonix's avatar
warnings r hilarious!
genital fgunus lol
HedgeCatDragonix's avatar
StrikeTH's avatar
SallyandSonic's avatar
oooohhhhh!.... PREGNANCY IN......MEN??!?!?!?!?!crazy.......:+fav:
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