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Shamisen Practice

Finally get to get back into Photoshop for fun again, so it's time to finish up some old pics.

Very special thanks to Take Kunimoto for teaching me, my classmates and sensei how to play the Shamisen this semester. It was a true honor.

Arigatou Gozaimashita Kunimoto-san

For thoses of you who might be just alittle puzzled, Kunimoto-san is a famous Shamisen player in Japan (traditional stringed Japanese instrument, sounds very similar to a banjo), and attended ETSU this semester per a grant for the Japanese government to study music. He came to ETSU to take a few classes under ETSU's bluegrass major ( no jokes please >.> )

During that time he also took the time to play a few concerts in the area, telling traditional samurai stories, playing Japanese folk songs, and sharing cultural experience. Before you ask, he's EXTREMELY good that it.

So in honor, I made this pic ^_^. Me and Andrea will try to come visit you when we finally get to take a trip to Japan.

*Technical Reference*
The kanji in the pic, "Renshyuu" mean to practice
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interesting description...with lots of memories

i find myself looking through your deviations in awe
they are all so very good..just like they popped right off a video game
or a tv/movie cartoon...i am sure some time in the future i will actually see
one of your creations there! very nice work
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Aww how cute! :3
neoncat's avatar
I must agree with Neo Yi! ^^ Just looks so calm and peaceful up there in the tree playing that and very cute ^_^ Love the background
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OOOh, so you can play that instrument? Awesome. Wow. And you look so peaceful and adorable in the pic.
darkest-chaos's avatar
You learned to play the shamisen? Cool. Can you play any songs on it?
JustinGreene's avatar
really only 2, just an intro that Kunimoto-san taught us and "How Old Are You?"
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o.o Whoa! When I searched a pic with a shamisen in DA .. There was just 15 pic results. When I finished it.. I didn't think anyone would draw another one, especially a sonic fan =P

Nicely drawn and shaded! I really love the trees and bush in this .. especially the amount of detail you put on the trunk (?)
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not bad *imagines that eerie swamp banjo song*
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not bad *imagines that eerie swamp banjo song*
Marcusthehedgehog's avatar
Hey, thats not bad.
Jammerlee's avatar
... I envy how well you drew that treetrunk
candlegirl's avatar
that turned out very nice :3 and that instrument sounds very interesting :3
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