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By JustinGreene
back from another long dry spell.

playing around abit with some different ideas and approaches with shading and BGs.

NOTE: in case some of you havent seen where is new domain is payment issues with the domain regiseration so meh.
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BluestreakFUS's avatar
Looks awesome, the small streaks of light on the cloth is very fitting as the character is in a somewhat low light area :)
I see plenty of skills in your art :)
kixxy's avatar
Woah! Freaking awesome shading, I love the atmosphere. Great picture. :D
JustinGreene's avatar
thx kix, nice to hear from you again
Lily-Mavoui's avatar
It's fantastic, as usual ^v^
nikmanic's avatar
Whoa, long time no see art ehehe. Nice work!
darc's avatar
So you're not dead eh? Guess I owe some people some money.

The shading is great.
UltraSonicUSA's avatar
Hmm, excellent work with the shadowing and highlights, though the highlights could use a little bit more work.
neoyi's avatar
Oooh, art from you! You is back! Yay! Love the picture. The shadowing from the tree give off the dark shadows for your character (it'll make good camoflagues, tee hee), and I love how the bushes are all linearted because it gives off a wonderful cartoon-y feel.
darkitty27's avatar
Omfg he's ALIIIIIVE!!!! :glomp:

Anyway, on to the pic....^^; I like the way he's all back-lit and stuff...very hard to pull off, nice job at it.

Welcome back! :hug:
o0NeonCola0o's avatar
I really like this one Justin ^^ the background is really nice, the shadow work is really good! Justin's design has changed since the last time I saw it ^__^ but looks really cool too
JustinGreene's avatar
well, this was an alternate look i had made a few years back, and never really used it again, so i thought i might start using it on and off now, especially since i like the glove design so much =D
ZoDy's avatar
Gotta say Im living the natural outsetting background there :D the colouring can really make its theme stand out! :nod: :clap: Just Plain Awsome! :D
Wild-Baguette's avatar
yay you're back!!!!! ^^ very great work on the picture :worship:
RickyDutton's avatar
Coool. ^^

Welcome back. ^^

Justin's on another adventure. ^.^
dboywheeler's avatar
WOW!!! Welcome back, old friend!

And cool pic!
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