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Modern Willie - Color Pencil

By JustinGreene
Well I did this drawing back in spring 2K2, it's just been in the school's display case since then cause I won Best Traditional Art for Portraits at ETSU's EDGE Show. It's in color pencil and took about 20 hours, though even I don't know exactly how I pulled it off. Funny thing is I did this almost the entire time listening to Willie's new album. It was a nice step away from Photoshop. I'll try to get a better pic uploaded later since all I can use at the moment is my digital cam.
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RightsideOptics's avatar
Im from Austin, home of good ole Willy! I like this a lot...very real.
Miss-A-sketches's avatar
Awesome work! I especially like the attention to detail on his face.
timbo19's avatar
yeah you should be very proud of this one :clap: :clap: :horns:
Pencilpusher99's avatar
omg i thought this was a picture!?!?!
Novastar2486's avatar
Sweeeeeet this is awsome! Great job!
chickenbilly's avatar
WILLIE! very nice piece.
PrincessSoxChu's avatar
Beautiful compostion.... I love the detailed face structure.
Jazelle's avatar
That is wonderful. You catch Willy very well even down to the wiskers. I love it. In fact it's on my favorites now.
nadiaromanova's avatar
That's a very wonderful picture, Justin! I wouldn't expect to see you draw something like that since I'm so use to seeing all of your Sonic art! ^__^ It looks just like Willie. I like the lighting on it, too.
yankeedog's avatar
Excellent portrait of the red headed stranger. Every line on his face tells a story. I had the opportunity to meet Willie a few years ago and my wife and I got to sit backstage during the concert. If you needed anything during the concert, a beer or pop, one of the roadies would bring it to you. At the end of the concert, he gave my wife a kiss on the cheek and a yellow rose. He is a class act.
cali-t's avatar
God damn that's bad ass. I mean..christ. I knew who it was before I saw the caption, adn the detail I mean christ above, that's incredible. Realism is such a commodity these days. I'm surprised you got so few comments on this, it's remarkable! I love the details, and the cleanness of this picture. Just wow.
JustinGreene's avatar
yeah, when i get it back, i might want to add another pencil (or 2 after i've already used 4) to the black of the piece. But actually, i did the black first, face most of the way, then the hair (which is kinda what i wish i could worked on more). but, my friends basically told me "stop touching it and leave it alone!!!!" LOL which was probably for the best. ^_^
ladylaguna's avatar
It looks almost photo-realistic, and I applaud you for that! It looks as if you started taking less time on it after you finished the face, though... But you still wipe the floor with me when it comes to color realism ._.
ratboy's avatar
Short but true....SUPER !

Cheers !
nikmanic's avatar
Whoa man, good job, this is totally awesome, well well done, like it's burning me it's so hot... great everything, looks totally like willie when i saw him in kansas city, Missiouri. Woot woot!
seraph-of-enigma's avatar
You did a wonderful job of not letting pencil strokes show on his face. Or perhaps they are there but the camera just didn't pick em up. I always hated it how a scanner would randomly pick stuff to make better or worsen. o@

Anyway, this is a wonderful piece. It's got such a real feel to it, anyone not familiar with the medium is going to think it's paint. I love the looks on their faces when they learn it's colored pencil XD
Jammerlee's avatar
Dude, hate you o@ N o seriously, HATE you @_#

Nice to know there are country music fans out there though ;) (Wink)
darc's avatar
I love the fact that he kinda needs a shave.
ginyoku's avatar
Right on,at least there are some people who enjoy the classic country music.Not like these new artists they're playing now,bah!

Anyways,this looks awsome.And i mean everything.. the shading,the lighting,textures,everything. Excellent work.
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