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Hugh Webb - Restore-Colorize

This......was a nightmare.....I have never seen my 1GB of RAM read 0.....

Worked at 600dpi for the entire project, to restore an old photo and simulate real-life color.....This was soooo much work it's not even funny

But I did win the EGDE Show again with it. ROCK!

I pray family doesn't start asking me to do something like this often, I don't even want to imagine 52-hour restores like this for nothing.
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Holy geeez!!! Thats awesome! The only thing that doesn't look too real is the eyes.
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Dude, just what type of crack are you on? That's fuckin psycho! Worth the time put into it though.
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i only buy the good shit
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Good Christ! o_O That's amazing! Great job, and that's an understatement!

Glad you're back! ^_^
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wow man, that's a good restoration!
(and trust me, I know it's quite time consuming)
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~has to reach down and pick his jaw off the floor~

I am honestly not surprised that you won a contest with that... You did truly amazing work. Except for some issues regarding lighting, the second picture looks as though someone had reached back through time with a camera and taken a snapshot. I'm not sure what caused the errors that did occur, but they seem to make the individual objects - each man, the carts, horse, etc. - stratified, as though seperate from the objects behind and before them. I'm not really sure what technique you used, so couldn't offer any suggestions to help with that...
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i used normal rubber stamp/healing tool to restore the pic, colorizing it totally with adjustment layers, and there are alot of them
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!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? You restored this!? At the current moment, I am in my "WTH, how did you do this" mode? I am TRULY amazed.
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