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Bringing back the cuteness

My daddy's #1!!

My god I should be shot for that title.

Lara-su© is Archie Comics/SEGA

EDIT: Re-touched the hair and some other things a bit
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Zqklink's avatar
She is soo damn cute
SayaTheBloodQueen's avatar
SQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Lara-Su! I love her! I think me and Lara are very similar in our least that's what people tell me. She's so cute! Great work!
AkitoYagami's avatar
Yes yes! There needs to be more Lara-su
nintendomaximus's avatar
Lara-Su looks just as cute as the sight of her parents in a fluff scene!
Bachidnat-gal's avatar
Cute... but i hate knux/julie-su
RedTheCookie's avatar
Stop butthurting me but :iconfuckyoubyeplz:
Katzila's avatar
Awwwwwww the hurts!!! XD
That expression is lovely and adorable. I love how you did the pose too, ah and that hair is very pretty.
Great job!!
Mitsuka's avatar
Aw, how cuute! Another must fav! :clap: :clap:
thelemonpiper's avatar
She ish sho cute! :hug:
Jammerlee's avatar
If I get cavities from that, yer paying my dental bill XD
StrawberryHedgehog's avatar
Lara ^.^ You did indeed bring back the cuteness. :glomp: She was the very much anticipated Sonic character of all time, wasn't she? Although I believe I was really the first to create her (at the time she was called Rini-Su) back in 1998 or so. Or maybe I was just the first Australian. Anyway, good job!
KurisuChan's avatar
lara-su!!!!!!!! its one of my favorite characters of the sonic comic!!!! you are a great artists i love how this one came out!!!!
nara-chan's avatar
i don't read the archie comics for Sonic, but this ish sooooo kawaii!! ^-^

knucklesgirl74's avatar
Thats really cool!This is the first fan art of Lara-su i've seen and I must say VERY good job.:+fav:
MarinnaiKasaraki's avatar
Very cute chibified Lara-Su. Wonder if Knuckles died from the cuteness overload? :giggle:

Great pic, mate!

~*Marinnai-Ruby K. Kasaraki*~
rossriders's avatar
Cute and cool. Nice.
th351's avatar
:omfg: O___O That is like the cutest Lara-su I've ever seen! The pose is really nice and happy...feeling... o.O And the shading is just right! Dude, I'm jealous! XD :+fav: And I just gotta point this out... I LOVE the shoes.. :O_o:
CTA987's avatar
oops sry for the comment obove i was confused sry >< but this is aa great pic of lara-su its so cute!! n u know what..... :+fav:
candlegirl's avatar
Great job :3 loving the hair
neoyi's avatar
OMG!!! Cuteness overload!!! *head explodes*
That IS very cute!!!
queenmoreta's avatar
this is awsomly kawaii.
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