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AdvDI - Self-Portrait

This photo-editing exercise was absolutely awesome. I'm definitely gonna play more with this exercise.

This effect is accomplished basically by using a combination of Color Dodge, Inverting colors and Guassian Blur. The rest you render either just like cell shading or you can try a more painted look, it's really up to you.

Tutorial - Photoshop 7 Artistry - ch35
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800x600px 232.16 KB
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1/2 second
Focal Length
6 mm
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Date Taken
Jan 17, 2003, 2:31:19 PM
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*omfg* Wow. :jawdrop: I can hardly draw humans in cartoony style, much less realistically! This is awesome! O'course the fact that you're hot helps... :giggle: Great job!
nk-chan's avatar
hehehehe, that looks awesome, love the perspective! XD XD *looks from your webcam to this pic* looks just like you too :D *falls over* this cracks me up XD;;;;;
...YEAH, I said you're funneh lookin. no I din don't hurt meh....;;;;;;;;
neoyi's avatar

WOW! Not only the coloring good and the self-portrait just as good, you are amazling hot in that pic.
I should get whacked for this...*gets whacked*
Oh, crap, I think I have a crush on you...which often leads to complicated results...*continued whacking thyself*
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That is REALLY great!! o_o wow! ~thumbs up~ I wish I could do something that great!
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That is really damn cool... looks like you need to shave though.
JustinGreene's avatar
yeah, i'm lazy about that XD
darc's avatar
Hell I haven't shaved since September, like I'm one to talk.
tony64's avatar
Alright, awesome realism here buddy. This is lookin' awesome!
Aero1988's avatar
you look like a movie star....just a bit XD
persona0918's avatar
ooo cooli!! *es jealous* I cannot draw humans >.<
kat-najera's avatar
Wowzers. That is realisim! Talk about a killer smirk too! You know, from an angle, you look like you have a green feather sticking out of your hat, thus you looking like a smirking pimp! Tee hee! ^_^;;
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