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Wheatley's (Yet Another) Dream (Part 2)
Suggested For :iconradiant-sword:

Wheatley's Dream Continues As He Imagines Himself Being Rarity's Tiny Lover Who Will Serve Her Worship.

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
The Legend Of Marvel Known As Stan Lee Has Passed Away Today...

Hope The Surviving Heroes Must Stand Together In The Second Part Of "Infinity War" To Stop Thanos' Lunacy.

Legends Never Die, Legends Never Be Forgotten...
*A Huge Blast Door Opened As The Director Of Innovative Online Industries And Ionsmith's Father Known As Nolan Sorrento Showed Up To His Son*

*Ionsmith Stood Still As He Acts Natural*

Nolan Sorrento: Ionsmith. My Son. It's Been A Longest Time I Did Not Talk To You. But It's Been An Honor To Meet You.

Ionsmith: Dad... It's Also A Pleasure To See You,

Nolan Sorrento: *Walks Near Ionsmith* Do You Know The Reason Why I Am Here?

Ionsmith: Because You Wanted Me To Come Home?

Nolan Sorrento: No, Son. I Am Here Because I Want To Know Your Truth. *Looks At The Window Showing The Overview Of Sector 06*

Nolan Sorrento: *Looks Back At Ionsmith* You Betrayed IOI.

Ionsmith: Well, You Fired Me Back In The Old Days. 

Nolan Sorrento: I Know I Fired You Back In The Good Old Times. I Fired You Because Everything You Told Me Was All A Lie.

Nolan Soreento: You Are Not The Director Of IOI. But In Real Life Like In This World, I Am The Director Of IOI.

Ionsmith: So? What's The Purpose Of Being The Director Of The Company?

Nolan Sorrento: I Wanted To Become Rich. The Company Must Be A Rich Company. From That Point, I Wanted To Get Stephen Hawking's Artifact.

Ionsmith: You Mean The Golden Brain?

Nolan Sorrento: Indeed. 

Ionsmith: Actually, The Golden Brain Is Taken.

Nolan Sorrento: Taken? Who Got That Artifact?

Ionsmith: It Was The Science Four. But The Truth For Me Is I'm On Their Side Now.

*Sorrento Slapped Ionsmith Angrily In The Face With No Fair*

Ionsmith: Ow!

Nolan Sorrento: You Mean IOI's Most Wanted People During The Contest Of Finding Hawking's Golden Brain?

Ionsmith: *Whimpering* Yes...

Nolan Sorrento: Why Did You Do That About You're On Our Enemies' Side?

Ionsmith: *Feeling Scared* You Fired Me. You Know?

Nolan Sorrento: You Are Just One Selfish Boy To The Family, Smithy. If You Are Not With Us Here In IOI, Then I'll Be Your Enemy Too.

Ionsmith: Only An Ionite Deals With Absolutes. Maybe I'll Never Be With You Anymore.

Nolan Sorrento: Really? Perhaps This Day, IOI Will Change The World By Finding The Golden Brain. It Will Soon Be Ours As The Time Of The Ionites Has Come.

Nolan Sorrento: But The Thing Is... I Destroyed Someone Who Is Part Of Our Family.

Ionsmith: *Gasp* What?! Who Was It?!

Nolan Sorrento: It Was F'nale Zandor. Don't You Know Her? She's Your Sister After All.

Ionsmith: So You Murdered Her?

Nolan Sorrento: Not Just Me. But The Sixers Destroyed Her. The Reason Is Because She Was Worrying About You Instead Of Me Since You Were Fired. So I Decided To Make Zandor Gone For Good.

Nolan Sorrento: Even After Your Sister's Death, I Planned To Kill Your Mother As Well.

*Ionsmith Gasped In Horror With A Shock Then He Punches His Father Hard In Anger*

Nolan Sorrento: Who... In The Heck Do You Think You Are?!

Ionsmith: YOU KILLED MY MOTHER?!?!?!?

Nolan Sorrento: I Tried So Hard. To Find The Form... *Disguises To Ionsmith While Speaking With Ionsmith's Voice* ...That Best Suited You. And This Is The Thanks I Get?!

*Ionsmith Shocked In Surprise*

Nolan Sorrento: *Changes Back To Normal As His Voice Is Changed* You Really Need To Grow Up!

*Sorrento Attacked Ionsmith By Sending The Two Sixer Guards To Hold Ionsmith's Arms In Both Sides*

Ionsmith: Dad! Why Did You Do This To Me?!

Nolan Sorrento: I Wanted To Do This Together! But I Suppose You'll Have To Learn By Spending The Next Few Years As A Battery!

Nolan Sorrento: Guards! Take Smithy To The Lift!

*The Two Sixer Guards Nodded Then They Walked To The Elevator With Sorrento And Ionsmith*

Cast Of The Transcript:

Ionsmith by Justinex-Generation
Nolan Sorrento
Nolan Sorrento by Justinex-Generation

Inspired By:
Ionsmith And Sorrento's Reunion (Transcript)

"During The Sci-Five And The Mane Seven's Visitation To Sector 06 Also Knwon As The Remote Island Territory Of IOI, Ionsmith And Nolan Sorrento Were Reunited As Father And Son. However, The Reunion Did Not Go Well As Sorrento Revealed His Secret Identity And His Betrayal To His Son."



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