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Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Epilogue
Nolan Sinclair was less than pleased. He and his wife, exited his restaurant where they had lunch date to discuss daughter’s college plans, but he spend half the time on the phone yelling at one person after another. He had finally finished by the time they were in the parking lot. It was another cold scene between the married couple.  
Five steps away from their white BMW, he received another call. Mrs. Sinclair gave him a disgusted look, which only got a strong pointed finger from Nolan. He wanted her to get in the car and shut up since given the incoming number, this was a call he needed to take. She didn’t take the command so easily.
“In the car! I’ll just be a minute!” he shouted. Mrs. Sinclair angrily sat in the car as she could hear her husband shout at some doctor named Banks.
“What? How could they fail? I don’t care if they’re all right! Did the cops find the lab?” he screamed as she checked her makeup in the
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Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Chapter Nine
The last thing Martha wanted to do was to fall asleep in the middle of a burning building due to her head injury. She had flashes of consciousness in the passenger seat of her own unmarked police car as the blurry man in red drove. She woke up in some unknown location with wet cloth across her face. The two voices in the darkness belonged to Todd and Nathan.
“Is she going to be okay, Nathan?“
“Hell yeah! I got burned worse in my divorce. There’s no concussion, she’ll be fine,“ Nathan explained very plainly. There was a brief uncomfortable silent before he spoke again.
“Something bothering you, Kid?“
“I guess. It’s just I don’t get it, how did you know to follow me?” Todd asked.
“It‘s from you saying, ‘I’m gonna meet some old friends.‘ Come on, kid! I‘m not stupid!” The grizzled 40 year old seemed almost insulted by the question.
“Well, thanks then. I gues
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Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Chapter Eight
The old building appeared even larger at night. It had been years since anyone entered the long deserted South Norfolk record store. The broken neon sign still proudly ‘FX Music and Video”.  Martha Brown didn’t even bother to obey the faded parking lines that ran along the unused cracked pavement.
She always felt that the building still had many secrets concerning the ten missing children. The recent case of new super powered vigilantes gave her the proper excuse to revisit the site.  The filthy glass doors were locked up tight, perhaps even rusted shut. Martha closely examined it before using her long black metal flashlight to shatter the bottom half of the glass.
Martha carefully slid through the opening. The moonlight only lit up the front half of the store,  she flicked the flashlight on in order to scope out the rest of the building. She looked around the sad ruin of 90’s pop culture with posters of the artists of the day partly
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Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Chapter Seven
Nathan couldn’t believe that they got away with it. He drove home instantly after Todd’s epic battle with the teenage shoplifters, the police had arrived twenty minutes later. He was nervous when he left, but that emotion had transformed into exhilaration as he stepped inside the house. He discovered his heroic nephew practicing kicks in the backyard.
Todd had stripped off the jacket and mask and was doing his best to repeat the move he had performed on the getaway car. Nathan stood on the old wooden deck waiting for the right words to form in his head. When they didn’t come, he just did the best he could with what he had.
“Um, Kid. You have to beat yourself up over…you know,” Nathan awkwardly uttered. To his surprise, Todd returned his appearance with a huge boyish grin.
“Beat myself up? You kidding, Nathan? I stopped a crime! All by myself! Ok, sure! It was only shoplifting, but I did it! For the fir
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Red Knight Pop! Figure by justincristelli Red Knight Pop! Figure :iconjustincristelli:justincristelli 1 0
Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Chapter Six
Closing time had come again. It was time to shut down the bar, count the register, and clean up. Nathan walked over the last remaining customer of the night. The mid-twenties man had been collapsed over his fifth beer for the past hour. Nathan snapped his fingers by his face, but it wasn’t waking him up. He then simply knocked on top of the sleeping man’s head. The man shot his head up looking confused. His eyes soon focused on the bar tender in front of him.
“Time to go home. You need a cab or something?” Nathan asked.
“I don‘t. I don’t need a cab, you…Goddamn redneck!“
“Well, it is a lovely night for a drive,“ Nathan’s irritation was hidden by the fake smile. Todd had been watching the scene from a few feet away. He felt it was time to butt in.
“Nathan! Call him a cab. If he gets into an accident, it’ll will be the other person killed. He’ll be fine,” Todd advised. It took a ha
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Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Chapter Five
Python couldn’t sleep. He and his partner in crime, Pop girl were deemed ready for release from the hospital. In the morning, the two struggling super villains would be taken in to police custody. Python had a number of run-ins with the Norfolk PD in the past over gun and drug possession. This arrest for possession of unregistered super powers and DNA enhancer drugs would be a whole new ballgame.
He was out to rule the city before he got caught. After the battle, he found himself handcuffed to a hospital bed with a power lock around his ankle. If not for the lock, Python would be able to stretch his limbs out from his bindings and make quick work of the policeman standing guard outside his door. He was sitting worrying about being human again when he heard a gentle tapping at his forth story window.
The hardened criminal jumped up in his bed, tucking his feet into his light blue hospital gown. He was tempted to yell for help to the office only a few feet away. Howeve
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Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Chapter Four
It had been a long night for Todd McClain. He never went to sleep after coming home. His Red Knight costume was still crumpled on the floor beside his bed. He sat on the bed dressed in simply his jeans with his laptop checking the local news websites with the TV on in the background. He was able to find news reports about the raid, but no mention about two arrested heroes.
It took him hours to put away the horrors the night before and go about his day as if nothing had happened. He felt weak. He felt dirty. He felt like a trader to his friends for not turning himself in to the police. Once Todd got out of the house that was once his parents, he discovered that the day wasn’t any different than any other in his life. He and Nathan went opened the bar, McClain’s shortly before lunch hour.
Todd flipped on the TV over the bar and sat there for hours without budging. One of his waitresses, Birdie Truelove noticed her boss’s less than cheerful mood. The curvy l
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Red Knight Knight Without A Sword Chapter Three
Captain George Hurt of the Super Crimes Unit was silently sitting behind his desk when detectives Martha Brown and Michael Edge cautiously entered his office. He didn’t look them or even give a signal to take a seat. He simply stared at his late wife’s photo while rubbing the dry spot on his forehead, it was an action that he often did when angry. He picked up his morning coffee and finally acknowledged the two with a nod to sit down.
Since the night before, Martha had changed from her undercover outfit to a simple suit with a pale white shirt. Michael also changed, however he was in a more casual attire of a tee shirt and jeans. He didn’t have much time after being been treated and released at the emergency room.  He was still moving slow due the hit he took from Pop Girl, but he was otherwise in good working order. They both respectfully waited for Captain Hurt to speak.
“Is this good work? I’m confused. You both recovered illegal DNA
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Red Knight: A Knight Without A Sword Chapter Two
Three super heroes sat on the rooftop of a round building, called The Rotunda, in the middle of downtown Norfolk. Two of the costumed people were discussing their future plans of their super hero careers. The woman dressed in yellow and burgundy turned away from the hero clad in blue with silver racing stripes, named Nonstop. She noticed that the third team member of their group wasn’t paying attention.
“Todd?” The hero in the red trench coat and mask was simply looking up at the stars.  She had become fed up with the daydreamer. The temperature became noticeably warmer around her.
“Todd? Are you even listening?” She grumbled.
“It’s Red Knight! When we’re in the masks it’s the code names, Fireball!” he shouted back. The two young heroes stood eye to eye, waiting for the other to make the next move. Nonstop didn’t want this team to crash and burn on the first night after everything they went through to get to this po
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Red Knight: A Knight Without A Sword Chapter One
“What is it?”  Heather Houston asked as she edged closer against Todd McClain hoping that he would let her get a better look. Her parents came over to have dinner and discuss business with his parents. He always thought she was a pretty girl under the thick plastic framed glasses and the conservative dresses that made her appear like an old lady. He was distracted by her soft body brushing on his shoulder and the smell of her long blond hair tied in a tight pony tail.
The two sets of parents had settled inside in the living room and were enjoying desert just twenty feet behind them. He checked to see if they were watching before he swung the telescope over to her. She pushed up her glasses up over her forehead and focused the lens so that she see the amazing spectacle that was promised to her.
The super hero, Captain Danger was flying overhead. He was a thousand feet above the Ghent section of Norfolk, Virginia. His white and red costume could still be clearly seen thr
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Robin: Running With The Bullies
PAGE 1 Jason Todd is on his hands and knees. He's been beaten and down for the count.
Bruce is always saying stuff like, “Never break character!”. Easy for him to say when no one is breaking your face.
PAGE 1 Jason gets up to face his tormentors. They're three teenage boys, all slightly bigger than him. Rick, Brice, and Byron all look pleased with themselves.
Rick, Brice, and Byron can't to let a day go by without giving me grief. They used to pick on others, but now they're bugging me.
Aww, sorry, Gayson! We didn't realize you were so fragile!
I'm not sorry!
That's what Re-Todd gets for not knowing his place!
PAGE 1 Jason calmly walks away from them as they taunt him.
OOOOOO! Tough guy! Ya really got us scared. Really scary.
PAGE 1 Jason wipes the blood away as he continues to walk off.
Scared huh?
PAGE 1 Bruce Wayne pulls up to pick up Ja
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Red Knight #1 Script Opening Scene
PAGE 1: It's a clear night sky. A powerful looking man dressed in a red and white super hero costume shoots across the sky.
I don't see anything. What am I looking at?
Just wait one second...
PANEL 2: Two twelve year old kids sit in the middle on the backyard wooden deck of a large castle-like PAGE 1 house. The children watch through a telescope with excitement. Heather Houston has round glasses, long blond hair that is tied in a ponytail, and is dressed rather conservatively. Todd McClain is wearing a white polo shirt and jeans. The silhouettes of their parents are seen in the background in the doorway to the house.
It's Captain Danger! Cool Huh?
PANEL 3: A profile close up of Heather looking into the telescope. She is truly delighted by what she sees. Todd seems rather pleased that she is impressed.
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Wonder Woman WW Chapter Three
Sargent Rock and his Easy Company sat and waited in jail cell, for what, they had no idea. Wilcox, Youngblood, Crowe, Bennett, Harris, and Johnson all trusted their Sargent when they turned over their weapons to the amazon hosts. However, the more time went on, the more nervous the men got. Even Sgt. Rock wondered if their hosts had become their captors. Johnson's stories about the amazons weren't helping matters either.
“Sir, do you think the stories about amazons are true?” Youngblood asked.
“'s bunk.” Rock answered without hesitation.
“Yesterday, you said the amazons were bunk! Now here we are in their jail!” Johnson spoke up. He was now sure that his Uncle's stories were true. If that were so, then they needed to escape.
“Sir, we need a plan outta here! It won't be long until they start using us for their sick games.” Johnson had a heightened level of fear in his voice and it was affecting the other men.
“You know what t
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Mature content
Warm And Cozy :iconjustincristelli:justincristelli 0 0
Wonder Woman WW Chapter Two
April 5th, 1941
Hippolyta was having a nightmare. She couldn't see where she was, but she could barely breath due to the stink of burning flesh. She was familiar with the smell of death. This was different. It was everywhere. No matter where she ran, it surrounded her. She tried to follow the screams. These were women, men, and children in horrifying pain and they always slightly out of her sight. Her only escape from this hell was to wake.
She was safe in her own bed,  her personal protector and adviser, Philippus was still sound asleep beside her. Her  black skin contrasted with the white sheets of her bed. The sight of her beauty calmed her nerves for only a moment. Hippolyta threw the sweat stained sheets aside and didn't bother to put on her robe as she quickly went to the balcony. Themysciria was as peaceful as it was when she fell asleep. The quiet night breeze chilled her. She began to feel silly, and was about to return to bed when she he
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Hey folks!

Here's my newest comic review.
Bring rice.

Fantastic Four #5 Review

I have a few days off. I have some time to set up our new apartment and write a little.
I have some new Real Manos videos to write, including the return of Manos At The Movies, Anime Replay, and Wonder Woman 101.
I caught up on Red Knight, but I have some formatting and printing to do before Tidewater Comic Con.
The Martha Brown #2 is something I wanna get back to.
I've also decided to begin preparing work on the second Divita novel.
I've been feeling like my professional life has been stuck in neutral lately and I'm ready to put it in gear.
Hey folks!

Here's my newest comic review.
Bring rice.

Fantastic Four #5 Review


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